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Thread: Question about Oral steroids and the liver

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    Default Question about Oral steroids and the liver

    When taking an oral steroid would it hurt your gains if you also took a liver support supplement? If it does change your gains what would be best, take the oral in the morning and liver sup at night or vise verse? I am not planning on running an oral in my cycle for a while I'm just curious.

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    No it wouldn't effect the potency of the anabolic and would be wise to run something in the line of Milk Thistle. and I wouldn't think timing would be an issue as when you took the supplement.

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    I agree with pitfighter. IMO when it comes to orals you need to have a healthy liver to start, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and use in moderation over 4-6 weeks max.
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    Thanks guys.

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    i took liv.52 wen i used oral steroids, but also have milk thistle too

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    I ran milk thistle. I would space it out a few hours between each pill. I honestly am not sure if they will conflict at the same time but I didn't want to risk it. It seemed to work rather well for me. I ran 50 mg. of dbol for 4 weeks on a sus cycle and came out with no liver issues.

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