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Thread: would like additional advice

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    Default would like additional advice

    I'm 24 5'6 165 lbs. I'm getting ready to do my first cycle of test 300 and dbol. Going to take
    500mgs of test E3D and 30 - 40 mgs of dbol ED. Taking it for 10 - 12 weeks. Then going to take clomiphene citrate for 6 weeks after cycle. Just wanted to see if they're might be any concerns or changes anybody would make. All help is appreciated

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    run an AI, arimidex at .25mg EOD is a popular choice.

    Also, how long are you running the Dbol? 6 weeks should be the most, not the whole cycle.

    other than that it sounds good.

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    Your running too much test for a first cycle. 500mg per week is plenty. You could do 2 shots per week at 250mg each or one shot at 500mg. 500mg E3D is over 1000mg per week, actually it is 1166mg.

    MacAttak has you covered on the rest.
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    I'd run HCG so you keep your gains and get your natural test production going quickly after the cycle.

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