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Thread: tough injection

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    keep us updated.. im planning a very simalar cycle soon so id love to know what to expect

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    Gym, some fantasy shoot-em-up game, or competing for the crowd...


    wow this thread will be a livesaver for me....I am bout to start my first cycle and I absolutely hate needles (decided to man up though b/c it was inevitable that i would eventually pin). Anymore vet secrets of the trade would be appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mwwade View Post
    wow this thread will be a livesaver for me....I am bout to start my first cycle and I absolutely hate needles (decided to man up though b/c it was inevitable that i would eventually pin). Anymore vet secrets of the trade would be appreciated.
    As for pinning, its all hype. Once you get a few done and are comfortable, you will be saying to yourself "this is no biggie." I hated needles at a time, now its nothing.

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    A 23 gauge is going to be a little harder to push than say a 21 but it should be fine , i use a bottle warmer and it works awesome . they sell them at wallmart and work perfect , just lay syringe sideways over it and turn it on .

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBuds View Post
    hey guys just started my FIRST cycle today, got all my gear last night.
    Info= 5'9, 165, 11%bf 23yr. old, been lifting about 6 yrs on and off but last 2 yrs consistent.
    week 1-4 dbol 20mg ED
    week 1-12 500mg test cyp (250 tue, fri,)
    week 1-14 arimedex .5mg EOD
    off week 13 & 14
    nolva 30/20/20/10/10

    so first time EVER injecting today and i used my right thigh. Question is that when i pressed down on plunger it was extremely hard to push liquid through. I aspirated first and im using 23g 1inch needles. Is the answer to just heat it up with hair dyrer or am i doing something wrong??? didnt hurt at all but getting tighter as day goes on as expected. also any vets. have any advice they could give along the lines of something that they wish they knew first cycle that they know now?? something unexpected??? thanks
    Wash your hands, swab the vial with alcohol, draw the gear with a 18g then swap it over to the 23x1 pin and have a little air in the syringe (or when heated some gear will come out), cap the pin and then heat with blow dryer or warm water, then get all air out, swab area to pin and inject slow and have fun GROWING!!! Cap and dispose of all used needles and never reuse.

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    Default thanks guys

    thanks for all the help guys. i frogot to mention that i would also be running hcg weeks 2-12 so my boys will stay active and ready for pct quickly, therefore keeping more gains. im trying to eat like a animal, but semi clean. My next test injest is tomorow so i will heat up syringe alittile befor like u guys suggested. my right thigh wasnt that bad today at all so i lifted legs hard yeeee.only on 20mg/day of d-bol so when do u guys think ill have some strenght gains. (started last fri).although legs were pretty strong today lol. KEEP all the little secrets comming thanks guys ill keep updating every week if u guys want, let me know. im on here daily. stats when started(FRI) =

    bench=185 about 8x 225 max
    seated squat(lower back issue) 395

    average daily meal 7 (3 Being 50g protien shake,Wake up, post workout,befor bed)

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    Heating it up is not really necessary. I'm half way through my 2nd cycle and I can't even feel where I pinned 6 hours after I pin. You won't feel pain past 1 day after your 8th week give or take 2 weeks. I would advise to shoot the test once a week instead. Every time you use a syringe there is always a little bit of waste. Since it doesn't make a difference between twice a week or once, once is the way to go. Plus if you don't like the pain even more the better. Good luck
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    Currently On cycle.
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    I found swapping needles from when you draw it out of the vial to when you inject makes a huge difference if your pinning yourself, as the pin gets blunt when pushed through the rubber stopper( another little tip which might help )

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    just use an 18 guage needle. That'll ease up the injection. Not for the faint of heart, including me.

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    Lots of good responses here. So here's my two cents. Been doing this a while and here's a few things I learned during me first cycle.

    Injecting long esters twice weekly helps keep blood serum levels steady so def opt for twice weekly injctions rather than doing it all on one day.

    Like it was said above, use an 18ga needle to draw and then a 23ga to shoot. Do not shoot with an 18ga needle.

    When heating the syringe with a blow dryer (my personal favorite and it only takes about 20 seconds of direct high heat.) do it without the needle attached, unless of course you sticking yourself with a hot poker. Yes I know, some folks just put the needle cover back on during heating and that's fine, just not my preference.

    In order to minimize wasted product, always suck in some air into the syringe before switching needles. Also, suck in about 1/4cc of air into syringe right before injecting. Then make sure to inject at a downward angle so that the air bubble is above the oil. During the injection, push the plunger all the way in so that the only thing left in the syringe when you're done is a bit of air in the needle. I used to get all of the air out before injecting, but noticed that I always left some product in the needle when I was done. Use the air technique and you'll get every drop. An no, pushing a bit of strile air into your muscle is not harmful nor does it hurt.

    Another trick I use is to inject in the morning so that the oil has all day to disperse.

    Also, inject slowly. And by slowly, I mean push the plunger in at a controlled rate of approx 30 to 45 seconds per cc. The slower you go, the more time your muscle fibers have to move instead of being ripped apart (and thus becoming inflamed) by the incoming oil. I also give the muscle a good long stretch before I inject so that the muscle fibers are good and loose.

    Take 600mg Ibuprofen every 4 to 6 hours when the post injection soreness is bad.

    Good luck.

    Take it easy. But if it's too easy, don't take it.
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    BF%: 10

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