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Thread: tough injection

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    I use a heating pad to get my gear warm. I stick the needle and syringe in the heating pad wrap it up tight, and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Sometimes it's a little too hot, and I can fill each drop of the gear coming out the needle.
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    when you swab the area let it dry before you stick the pin in

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    Hey guys whats up. Thanks for all the info its been a great help. Im on the 2nd day of my 3rd week and its been great so far. A little soreness in the quads the day after shot but not bad at all ive been warming up with hair dryer and injecting very slowly, then massaging for 5min or so after. So far no problems at all at the dbol as helped me with alittle weight and strength but only running it at 20mg/day. Overall im starting to feel really good and getting excited for the test to kick in (but im already up 5 pounds). Just started HCG yesterday, mixed a 5000iu vial with 5mg ba so i shot 2.5 lines on inslin syringe into the right of my belly and worked out fine. Ive been lifting really hard but giving myslelf alittle more time to recover for each muscle, it seems to be working out great. Very,Very little cardio. Solid meal plan with approx. 6-7 meals/protein drink, high protein overall. Very excited for the test to kick in, ill update in a few weeks. Thanks for all the help let me know what u guys think PLEASE.

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