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Thread: some confusion on where to start for ME

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    Default some confusion on where to start for ME

    want to get an idea of what I'm doing. I have read a lot of the profiles on the different roids, and watched vids so I am aware of the pro's and con's.

    I am 6'3 325lbs. down from 365 back in july of 09. Played football for 5 years overseas and I know how to train with weights. body fat is low 30% Solid strength with a 405 single rep bench, 405 deads for 5 rep sets, and 405 on squats for reps of 10 or better.

    I am looking to shred body fat and create a better muscular look. My diet isnt the most strict but I eat proper meals use animal pak multi vitamins, my BCAA's Proteins etc. in my diet.

    My goal is to reach 285 by this summer. My long term goal is to reach 265 with a body fat in the teens, possibly 20's realistically.

    My weight loss is slow and steady, but I want to give it a boost obviously.

    EQ, Test Cypionate, masteron, trenbolone have been suggested. from what I read EQ may be best suited for my goals. I have read on winstrol as well.

    I am not looking to be the hulk, just want my physique to improve from one time defensive lineman, to now weight training 30 something...

    Can you give me a little insight on what I have laid out to you..

    Greatly appreciated

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    How about just a straight testosterone + equipoise + arimidex? cycle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tealc View Post
    How about just a straight testosterone + equipoise + arimidex? cycle
    I second that

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    Just keep in mind there are added risk going into a cycle with a higher bf%. With that said I will keep my opinion out.

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    I agree with Tealc, maybe even alittle anavar too. But if u wanna shred the pounds I'd refine the diet most importantly.
    Good luck buddy.

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