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Thread: pulling with 20 g injecting with 23 g

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    Default pulling with 20 g injecting with 23 g

    well i went on head and took a injection of winstrol today i pulled it with 20 g and injected with 23 but it was hard to come out only got half a cc in any tips on pushing it threw the 23 g ?

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    Yeah run it under warm water, you shouldn't have an issue

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    I would pin it with the 20g, when i have thick oil it seems if i manage to push it through with a smaller needle the inj site alway hurts way more than if i just used the cannon. (def warm it up, i like the hair dryer myself)
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    Please,DO NOT contact me via PM for sources-dom or int.i have no such knowledge of either.Thank you in advance.roc...

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    sorry for butting in but i have a question if yall dont mind im about to do a cycle of test prop 150mg m w f for 16 wks also tren ace 75mg ed for 8 wks im 27 6 ft 225 i think my bf is around 20 25% what do yall think

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