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Thread: Winstrol?

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    Default Winstrol?

    Ive been reading, and i cant really find anyone in my shoes.

    Im thinking of taking Winstrol, 25mg tablets.

    Im 19. 6'1 280 lbs.

    Ive been active all my life, play football etc, work out, eat normal, and go jogging 3 times a week, and my job is very labor demeaning also.

    I just cant seem to get it off. I would say "and my friends" about 30-35% bf? '

    How safe is it for me to take it?

    And i know this isnt the best way to lose some bf, but im getting pissed, im just tired of being like i am. I was told by many, it will speed the process to slim down.

    I can get a months worth for $100, is that a good deal also? Thanks, and no bashing please..

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    1. bf% is way to high
    2. your too young
    3. diet has to be strict, steroids arnt magic
    4. never do a oral only cycle
    5. do more research

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    You have a lot of fat. I would suggest that you try the HCG Diet. I went from 342 @ 62% BF to 222 @ 18% BF in 4 months on this diet and cardio alone. Research it and start it. You are guaranteed to lose a pound of fat or more a day. It's your best shot to get into good enough shape.

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    you say you eat normal that is probably the trouble. normal to most people is way off from what a bodybuilder,athlete or someone who is serious into the life style eats. give us a hint on your daily intake any given day keep it real. Your bf 30-35% is high there has got to be something in your diet that's off do you consume much alcohol though out the week if so how much. I work in the construction trade to and work with some big dudes who sweat their ass off all day and never lose weight cause every night there kicking back with a twelve pack and pizza which is all good but they still buzz me on diet plans that they are never willing to follow through with.

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    Default Calorie deficit diet is key

    Last year I lost a lot of weight naturally. I restricted my diet to dry cheerios and black coffee in the morning, then ate every two hours after that until about 6pm. During the day I ate a peice of fresh fruit or low fat mozzerella cheese sticks, just one thing, but every two hours or hour and a half if hungry. I never got hungry, stayed satisfied all the time drinking lots of water throughout the day, about 64 oz. For supper just ate a regular meal, whatever I wanted. Then for 9pm snack ate low fat sherbert. Lost over 35 lbs. Used creatine hydrochloride, monohydrate and glutamine and amino's to help maintain muscle mass. It worked for me and I'm in my 50's (slow metabolism compared to you). I've been working out for 26 years in June, so I was very concerned about losing strength and muscle, but it sisn't really happen. I still benched 375, squat 405 (I don't max so this was workout weight after warm up) or better. You have to burn more calories than you take in. Even using winny will not make you lose weight without ther diet. In fact it's possible to actually gain weight without the diet in place. Good luck bro. We'll all help you as much as you want it. Steroids are not a quick fix, it still takes discipline and hard work.

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    winny wouldnt be the best oral of choice to lose body fat anyway. somethin like clen/t3 is somethin youd need. get that body fat % down a little more naturally though

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    Replace jogging with sprints. Research interval training. Stay away from sugar and processed foods, lots of water, veggies, salads, fruits, fish, olive oil, green tea and frequent adequate meals spaced throughout the day.

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