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Thread: swollen injection site

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    Default swollen injection site

    noobie here....
    2 week in into test prop cycle ,100 mg every 3 days,injections been hurting like hell then goes away but the time for the next oneanyways last one pin hurts more than previousfeels,not red at all but feels swollenkind 2 inch by 2 inch area,sore to touch sore to move certian ways,when i aspirated noticed i pulled out a little bit so i pushed back in, while injecting was watching syrinnge and went to deep almost burried needle<22 ga 1 1/2> so slowly pulled out while still injecting ,so obviously im learning from my mistakes,like i said newbie, any ways is this anything i should be concerned about ?pretty swollen very painful, or is this just do to my mistakes and should be g2g? any input appreciated

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    Default pct

    one more ? ...should a OTC anti estrogen such as 6oxo or NOVADEX sufficient enough for 200 mg per week of test prop

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    It sounds like you were tearing up your muscle with that injection. Are you injecting glutes? Keep in mind that when you put that needle in you, your muscle has to heal that path afterward. If done correctly, smooth and steady, you won't even notice. But if you start bouncing around that needle inside you, you're putting way too many holes in the inside of your muscle. If that happens, its gonna swell and be painful for longer than normal.

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    yes glutes,did notice i was moving quite a bit,weird position to do glutes yourself,but everyone told me its the least painful,cant imagine the other sites if that the case!

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    Try pinning in the delts The glutes hurt my when using prop also use a hair dryer to warm it up a bit it help a tad.
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    soaking in a warm tub after injecting help break up the oil

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    Quote Originally Posted by edro1026 View Post
    one more ? ...should a OTC anti estrogen such as 6oxo or NOVADEX sufficient enough for 200 mg per week of test prop
    NO that is not going to be enough. you need real NOLVADEX or/and CLOMID for PCT or you risk having a limp dick and crying while watching chick flicks for months!

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    Some places hurt worse than other places, you'll just have to experiment and see what's good for you. Everybody's different. For some reason, if I pin anywhere the left side of my body it hurt for days. Right side is money though. I have been alternating between glute and delt.

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    Default Otc

    the reason i ask about OTC estrogen blockers, is im 2 weeks into cycle and starting to notice lump under my nipple,kind of confused cause im on such a low dose<1oomg every 3 days>any recomendations,dont have anything on hand

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    Damn dude, that's why you get everything in hand that you need before starting your cycle. Order your Arimidex or Aromasin now ^^. Got mine in 9 days.

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