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Thread: How much can t3 and clen help me lose. Pretty cut already.

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    Default How much can t3 and clen help me lose. Pretty cut already.

    Hey gang what's up. I just started taking t3 and clen this week. I'm easily at 10% bf or less. Very cut hard and vascular. I'm on test and tren at the moment.

    I Just incorporated cardio as well. I plan on a cut for 6 weeks. Although I have been slowly cutting over the past 3 months to get where I am now just from dieting.

    So considering where I am. What is an obtainable number that t3 and clen could do. I have acheived 8% naturally before using no chemicals whatsoever including aas. Natural. Even naturally had it's side effects. I was losing muscle considerably and had very low energy.

    But now that I am on Synthetics and the brain power needed to do this right I'm feeling a huge boost and hoping to blast a few more %s off.

    Im hoping 7 or 6%. I know that sounds crazy but can I lose 3%? I'm not a stranger to eating right and we don't need to discuss that. Just the potency of the drugs. I was thinking dnp but shits hard to find.

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    i think just by tweaking your diet and cardio should see you alrite.
    eat plenty of way to lose unwanted fat and get ripped

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