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Thread: 1st cycle

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    Default 1st cycle

    hi everyone
    About to start my 1st ever cycle. have been doing alot of research and wanted to keep it simple since im a newbie. any feedback would be greatly appreciated. btw, love the site, have been super informative.
    10 wk cycle
    sust @650 mg a wk
    dbol @25mgs a day
    pct 3-4 wks
    hcg and provirion

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    alright mate hows it goin- how about some more info? what does your pct consist of? nolva? clomid etc.... what about an AI? i hope you dont think proviron will cover that base age? weight? height? bf%? how many weeks for dbol? fill in the gaps man

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    You will need arimidex and what pct you have lined up for 4 week?

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    that was my basic outline was lookin to you guys for a more detailed route. So im taking it HCG and proviron wouldnt be good enough for PCT 3-4 weeks? Proviron isnt an AI? still learning and dont want to rush into anything. I was told dbol just 1/2 hr before workouts first couple weeks to jump start cycle would be sufficient? wanted some advice from the pros thanks again
    bf: 15%

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    sorry also height is 5'10

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    No proviron isn't an AI it's a steroid but it does have some anti-estrogen properties. It is also helpful with libido during a cycle. I wouldn't worry much about it unless you just want to add it in a cycle and then I'd suggest 25mg ED. I wouldn't run it if you plan to run the dbol over 25mg.

    Here is a possible layout for you.
    Wk 1-12 sust 562.5mg per wk 187.5mg (.75cc) 3 times per week
    Wk 1-6 dbol 2mgs ED
    Wk 3-12 HCG 250iu 2 times per wk
    Wk 2-14 adex .25mg EOD
    Start pct two weeks after last shot of test using nolvadex dosed 20/20/10/10/10.
    That's 20mg ED for two weeks followed by 10mg ED for three more weeks.
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