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Thread: Cominback Cycle Log

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    X2 on the adex, you'll know when you need it...

    I use a smith at home for all my heavy lifts in case I need to shut it down with no help around.

    Good luck bro.

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    FG - Knew you would come to chime in buddy...good to see you back bro! and SH say drop the Adex...should I worry about water weight/bloat if I do? Don't want to look like a prize hog while on this if i can avoid it.

    Will keep the advice on movements...good stuff.

    Being that my appetite will kick in...I'd be interested to see what a day would look like to you guys...just list the meals, etc. I can substitute where needed. Want to make sure i'm right on the calories, etc.

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    Default Day two

    Ok...As stated on first post..I pinned 2 cc's of EQ and 1.5cc's of Test last night. Will do same tomorrow. Than will do it every Sat and Weds. going forward.

    I went to the gym tonight..took some Jack3d before heading inthere. Did shoulders and calves..just took it easy as I plan on going balls to the wall starting official start date. Did Smith Machine front presses, machine laterals, pec dec reverse and hammer strength shrugs. Hit the Calves with the seated leg press heavy and standing calf raises.

    Came back..sucked up a huge spoonful of peanut butter and took in 2 scoops of Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex. right before bed.

    Feel pretty good..going to focus on getting enough sleep while on this cycle..that seems to be a big challange for me with the multiple jobs I do.

    Can't wait to start "feeling" it again..

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    Hazcat Guest


    I don't think I'd drop the adex completely out of the picture with that much test, eq, and hcg. Yes the water will help with the forearm pain but we don't want the estrogen to get completely out of hand. You might try dropping it back to every 3rd or 4th day and see how that goes for you. You should up it near the end of your cycle to eod. Just some food for thought. Looks like a nice cycle.

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    I agree with Haz. I've cut back on the adex and dos considerabbly. I'm only doing .25 adex e5d and the dos .25 every week. Thursday I was doing lying tricep extensions had 185 on the bar, pulled it over to press it up and when It was lying across my nipples my nipples hurt. I took .25 dos when I git home and by that night pain was gone. Keep it in, but keep it as low as possible.
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    Default Day 3

    Ok...took the second shot of 2cc of EQ and 1.5cc of the Test E. Taking 2 in each thigh twice a week may get old real quick.

    My diet was OK today...not great. I know it's in my head..but I feel i'm getting hungier!

    7am: Oatmeal with peanut butter and handfull of raisins, Pro Complex Protein Shake

    10am - Cliff Bar and package of Tuna

    1pm - 2 Double Double protein style from In&Out

    4pm - 8oz Chicken Breast with 5 pcs of sushi

    9pm - 8oz ground turkey, Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich and glass of milk

    11pm - Optimum Nutrition Protein Shake

    Approx. 4000 calories 250g Carbs, 400g Protein

    Will start back in the Gym on Monday...

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    Default Day 4

    Starting to feel something..maybe mental..but that's cool. it's like a quick pump if i just do the tiniest thing..brushing teeth, etc. Appetite is still good. Can't wait to start my training again tomorrow after a 3 week break. Hope my arm holds up. A guy asked me what i'm taking..said I'm not..and his reponse "you wouldn't tell me if you were anyway huh"...and I was thinkin' "Damn right!" ha..ha.. Keep telling everyone it's 80% diet and the rest is training and disipline...(I'm not lying...)

    Here's what i ate today:
    Meal 1 - Oatmeal w/Peanut Butter & handful of raisins & Protein Shake
    Meal 2 - Package of Lemon Pepper Tuna Creations from Sunkist & a Fiber Bagel w/peanut butter
    Meal 3 - 3 Pollo Loco Skinless Chicken Breasts w/side of Pinto Beans 2 corn tortillas
    Meal 4 - 8 oz of Tri Tip Beef made in the crock pot
    Meal 5 - Protein Shake w/lowfat milk and PBJ with MultiGrain Bread
    Meal 6 - Protein Shake (right before bed)
    Totals (approx) 3500 Cal, 225g Carbs, 440g Protein, 95g Fat.

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    Default Day 5 - Started back in the gym..

    Started my workouts 2day - FELT GREAT. took some Jacked 3d then Did Chest & Tri's. All bench work. did it old school. started w/incline bench, then decline, then flat worked in some negative sets. went to pec dec did concentration flys, after did tri extention,then supersetted pull overs & reverse grip pull downs. did abs 2 close. total workout time approx 1hr 10min. No one put there butt in my face or asked me to spot them on squats..Damn...I wish i had Buffs life..anyway..i felt good. Pumps were amazing..took off my over shirt and worked out in my tank for a few sets...liked the progress. I didn't lose much if anything in my 3 weeks off. Elbow is ok..and Shoulder was hurting a little..but over all a very good workout. Here is my diet today:
    Meal 1 - Bowl of Oatmeal, handful of raisins w/peanut butter, a protein shake and an activa yogurt
    Meal 2 - 10oz of Tri Tip with 6 eggs (2 whole eggs and 4 egg whites) scrambled together
    Meal 3 - Tri Tip Sandwich w/Provolon ...cheese and light mayo on Multi Grain Bread, 8oz of lowfat milk
    Meal 4 - Protein Shake - before workout
    Meal 5 - Proetin Shake - after workout
    Meal 6 - before bed - Protein Shake, 1tblsp of Peanut Butter and a cliff bar, 8 oz of lowfat milk
    Approx. Totals: 3649 Cal, 186g Carbs, 455g Protein, 123g Fat

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    Default Day 6 - 9/21/10

    Wanted to get to the gym today, but by the time I was done with work and driving..i was toast...ate something at 7pm..laid down at 8pm, and was out till 7am the next morning. I NEVER do that.. so I must have been really tired. This is the area in my training that suffers the most...SLEEP. I need to try and get more sleep. I normally sleep on 5-6 hours a night, and get exhausted during the day at work. So this is something i need to work on. ANYWAY..My arm feels problems. Shoulder feels good. I tore it up Monday, so not feeling the pain in my arm and shoulder on tuesday is a good thing. diet on 9-21-10 (missed 1 or 2 meals cuz i went to bed too early!)
    Meal 1 - Oatmeal, Peanut Butter and Protein Shake
    Meal 2 - 1 oz of Dry Roasted Almonds
    Meal 3 - 1 bowl of Cosctco Instant Brown Rice, 1 Pollo Loco Corn Coblette, 1 packet of Starkist Lemon Pepper Tuna Creations
    Meal 4 - 1 Pollo Loco Breast, 1 Pollo Loco Wing, 1 Pollo Loco Thigh, all skinless, 1 small sweet potato
    Meal 5 - 8oz milk, 8oz of TriTip, 2 chicken Enchiladas, 4 fried eggs
    Totals (approx) - 3380 cal, 227g carbs, 291g protein, 140g fat

    Looking forward to doing back and bi's tonight...

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    I hear ya, sleep is hard to come by sometimes.

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