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Thread: Jocks first log.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bufbiker View Post
    Hey jocks I got 475 on bench Tuesday evening. Just wanted to brag a bit.
    At 218!! you are a machine my friend. You make me feel guilty about getting away from the strength thing I have now gone completely for beach muscles believe it ha ha

    I have decided that I am out of proportion and need to get my lagging body parts up and am adapting a BB type approach, which might I add my body is loving!

    Anyway, I think I have found the problem with my injection size. I have dropped back to 23's instead of 21's and I have no problem at all. No pain in and no pain later.

    Maybe the 21's were cutting my shit up a bit?

    REPORT: Well not much to report to be honest as I have not been the ideal specimen for testing lately. Bad food, beer and general diet issues. I have still been training 4-5 days per week and my strength has definately not wained nor has my body weight which is great. Sex drive is good and, well, everything is good. I just wish this would happen when off and I'd be happy.

    So now I just continue and clean up my diet a little for summer and then I go off...for quite some time. I'll be back soon. Hope everyone is well.

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    Have you scheduled any fights yet?
    Glad to see you back arond, it's been a while.
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