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Thread: First cycle for old guy?

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    Default First cycle for old guy?

    35yr old guy here,been gone from this site good while but am back now.last time i was on was for some advice on diet and nutrition as i had bloated up to 15stone(we still use imperial here lol). got some great advice and some really effective diet sheets which helped an awful lot. my weight is down to just under 12stone and being 5ft 9' that is pretty bang on
    anway enough of that,my original goal was getting a healthy diet,cutting down my weight,lowering bmi(24.5 at present) and generally getting relatively fit. this was to enable me to start into a bodybuilding program which would allow me to both gain muscle mass and strength
    now to my problem,last time i was being advised to correct my diet and start some mild training to get my body in shape and then consider doing an as cycle. well i tried that and although i am a lot fitter than i was 18mths ago and have managed to keep on a healthy diet my muscle mass/strength has not changed one bit.
    as it stands no matter what i do my weight stays the same between 11.5st and 12st which is really doing my nut cause that means i am not making any muscle mass gains or i have peaked at what i can achieve with my natural hormone levels
    i see no benefit to continuing the way i have(except for fitness wise) and now want to start my first cycle to see if i can kickstart this mutha. i need some advice on what i should go for first,should i try a bulking cycle first or what or for a first timer of my age what is the way to go
    thanks to all of you who have helped me get this far,lets hope you can help me push throughn that proverbial barrier. btw i am living in south east Ireland and am not sure about ordering stuff on the net?
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    Well if your training and diet is good and I mean REALLY good, then you could consider a 12 week cycle of ONE compound only for your first cycle. That would be Testosterone, either Enanthate, Cypionate or Propionate. They are the easiest to get a hold of and the most popular etc. You could get Suspension, however I wouldnt recommend it because its DAMN painful and you have to pin it ED or EOD. For a first cycle, I would suggest Enanthate or Cypionate, simply because you only have to pin it twice per week (you can get away with once per week, but twice is slightly better to keep blood levels more constant). Propionate you need to pin EOD, but its fast acting due to its short Ester. If you dont mind pinning EOD, then Prop is an option.
    Whichever of the above you decide, your first cycle should not exceed 500Mg per week for 12 weeks. You will also want to have Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) on hand for PCT. You would begin taking it ten days after your last pin (sooner if you are on Propionate) at a dose of 20mg per day for the first two weeks, then drop it to 10mg per day for the last two weeks.
    Also, you really should have both Arimidex and Aromasin as well. They are AI's, but slightly different acting. To cut a long explanation short, you would also want to run the Arimidex (Adex) at .25mg E3D beginning around week two of your cycle. If you start to notice Estro related sides, ie bloating or itch puffy nips, you can increase the Adex to as much as 1mg per day if its severe, but it will hinder your gains if you go that high. Most people find that .25 mg E3D or EOD is enough.
    Now when you start your PCt (Nolvadex), you want to change over from the Adex to Aromasin and run it at 12.5mgs EOD thruout PCT (4 weeks). On your fourth week, you can taper it down untill the 6th week, when you should stop taking it. You will have stopped the Nolvadex on week 4 of PCT, so your Asin will run out two weeks past your last tab of Nolvadex.

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    I like your name.

    I think some folks don't understand the importance of Food and The Right Traing without doin a cycle.

    Maybe you're one, maybe not? You're not a spring chicken anymore like Florida says.

    I think a simple Test only cycle will help. If anyhting, it will teach you the basics along with a lil help from your neighborhood steroids forum...

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    Your PCt and AI's you can get from the sponsor up top, they are GTG. But AAS in Ireland? No idea, though shouldnt be too hard to get from a Vet or from across the channel.....
    You should only run one Compound first, ie Test, to see how your body reacts. If you start having sides, you will know exactly whats causing em. Running two or more, you wont know which is causing the probs. Personally I think that Test only cycles like I have outlined, are good for your first three or four cycles. Test is Test and if your not gonna grow on it, then adding in a bunch of other shit isnt gonna do you much good, only stress the hell out of your liver......
    So yeah, Test, 500mg per week, 12 weeks. As long as your diet and training and rest is spot on, then you will make some real nice gains.
    Good luck.

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    hahaha i love you guys!

    i just turned 35 this year, and you know what. You need to fix your diet at 24% body fat!
    I came from 35-36% body fat down to 11ish. So you can do it too, it takes some serious dedication.

    If your done having kids, pick a single compound, plan a cycle around 10-16 weeks depending on what you choose.
    Plan on having some AI and PCT around, dont go over 500mg week.

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    I posted this one on another thread, this was the route I took at age 38.

    I just turned 39 and started TRT 18mths ago.

    I'm 5'8, weighed 230 with 27% BF and 25% BM. Bench Press 315lbs, Leg Press 750lbs.

    I've done 3 cycles:

    1st: 13wks of Test Cyp 200- 2cc a wk, 1cc of Win EOD, and 25mg Anavar ED,
    .25mg AI a week. 5 PCT of HCG at 2,000iu E3D with Clom.
    At the end of that cycle I was 220lbs, 15% BF and 30% BM.
    Bench Press 365lbs, Leg Press 900lbs

    2nd: 13wks of Test Cyp 250- 1.5cc a wk, 1cc of Deca a wk, AI .25mg a wk.
    5 PCT of HCG at 2,000iu E3D with Clom.
    At the end of that cycle I was 225, 10% BF and 33% BM
    Bench 405, Leg Press 1040lbs.

    3rd: 13wks of Test Cyp 250 - 1.5cc a wk, 25mg Anavar ED, AI .5mg a wk.
    5 PCT of HCG at 2,000iu E3D with Clom.
    At the end of that cycle I was 228lbs, 14% BF and 33% BM. Now.......this last cycle my diet was TERRIBLE! So my results were not so impressive I know.
    Bench 425lbs, Leg Press 1040lbs. <---Didnt work legs at all last cycle.

    With all that said, my next cycle will be 1cc a wk of Test cyp 250 for 52 wks, and working 50mg of Anavar in cycle 3x during cycle. AI .2mg a wk. and NO HCG, I really didnt like the HCG at all.

    My work out consist of 2 sets of 15reps @ 50% of my max in whatever exersise you do with a 20sec rest between sets.

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    No spring chicken eh? ha ha very funny just kidding man,tell the truth my age was one concern and the other was my location. i mean who wants to spend a few hundred euros(about a million USA dollars) only to have the stuff nabbed by customs?
    as for the kids thing i have one son and he is enough for me(i mean that in a good way) but his mother is another matter lol. seriously though the reason i left this so late is family matters did not permit me to go down this road until a few years ago,i can finally do the one of the few things for myself that i have always wanted but could not do before this.
    my diet was written up for me by one of the guys on here and it helped me enormiously,will post it up in another reply as soon as i find it lol.i am so used to it now that it is automatic but couldn't for the life of me remember it to write it down truth be told my weight lifting abilities are pitiful as i cannot put gain enough strength to hit the heavy weights. my metabolism runs between medium/high to off the charts high 90% of the time so putting on weight,muscle,strength is next to impossible as the last 18mths have shown me. i have tried the diet and exercise route and will be keeping that up anyway but i know it is time for some chemical help.
    basically my diet consists of brown rice,white fish,lots of green vegtables,cold rolled oats,lean beef steak or mince,occasionally i will mix in some plain pasta with my main meal. i have used the GI diet to guide me and stick to foods that have a low GI value. i eat at two hourly intervals(this can be a nuisance at times but that is the price we pay) four to six times a day with very little dairy in my diet except for full fat milk which i consider one of my treat foods.sugar is out except on my tea which is also where the milk comes in as well as on the rolled oats.
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    Wow, since when 35 is old??? I'm 34 and turn 35 in less than 2 months and I can smoke most twenty some year olds out there!!!
    In Orbe Terrum Non Visi

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    i have tried all 8888888888888888888888888888888confused
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    Hey there dead. I'm 53 yrs old and you can check my work out log and see that there aren't many young'uns here that can hold even a close second to the work outs I can still do.
    I would recomend a test only cycle to begin with. From there it's an open door.
    Be careful about seeming to ask for a source check. We do not do that here. But there are plenty of places to get what you're looking for if you are willing to search.
    I'm going to edit your post to rflect that.
    Good to have you aboard.
    The information given is for entertainment purposes only. I do not use steroids nor condone their use. I am not a trained health professional and therefore any answer given is strictly an intellectual exercise, not advice on how to use steroids.
    Muscle Forged In Pain!

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