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Thread: is anavar the right choise

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    Default is anavar the right choise

    Is anavar right for me

    I am 6 feet tall and weigh 260 pounds, im fairly strong and muscular but a little on the heavy side... my body fat percentage is between 16 and 18.. which fuckin blows

    I have no particular goals in strength, or building all i am really looking to do is shed off the body fat.. i work out 1, 2 sometimes three times a day (cardio, weights, wrestling) but im not seeing any results i would like.. getting frustrated and want to know if anavar is right for me..

    If so information on dosage, things to look for, possible side effects, excersize or diet plan to go with ECT..

    Any info would be helpful!!

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    The answer for you is diet bro,Training also maby.

    post up your diet (what you eat a day) and we can help tweak it to perfection for you..

    also it would be good to post up your training routine.

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    yes dude you must drop down your fat percentage
    more fats more sides
    you need a good diet
    Height 5'10"
    Weight >192 pounds
    Body fat <10%

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    Anavar is a steroid, and steroids are not fat burners. They are intended to build muscle, and as Dleato already stated, your diet will contribute more to fat loss than any pill you can put in your body.

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    i would be very curious too know what yioure doing 3 times a day as well for workouts and exercise. If youre over-training youre going to be working backwards and not forwards. It doesnt sound like you have a grasp of your diet, or training (not to be rude). Like the others have suggested, post up diet and training and let us have a looksie to give you some suggestions.

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    I like anvar but as stated abive, i would cut down the BF first. Once you are ready to add a little juice to the mix. Start with Test. Adding var on a first cycle wont kill you but dont run it alone.

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    Diet Diet Diet baby, post up what you eat on a regular day and at what time. There are loads of people on this board who know their Shizzel about how to cut, bulk manipulate carbs/water etc im sure we can hook you up with a solid diet plan to meet your goals.

    If you take somthing to loose the weight, when you come off you will go back to the way you were- dont treat the symptom, treat the cause man!

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    Gotcha, for training I work out a major muscle every morning 5 days a week in a rotation (chest, back, shoulders, legs, arms) depending on what i feel, then at 12 i run a couple km and do plyo, and at 230 4 days a week i have wrestling practice.. as for diet it has just become sort of regulated with low carb higher protein. (average day would be) single scoop protein shake (35 calories per scoop) with fresh fruit, then after my workout i'll have an orange or banana or something then lunch a sandwich with flaxseed bread and more fruit/veg and dinner usually chicken or fish and greens.. again this was a couple of weeks ago that the diet became full routine becuase i just started doing my own grocery shopping for a change..

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    there you go man, its consistency! stay with the diet, but I suggest more protein if you want to keep the muscle and prevent catabolic. It seems like you are burning a lot calories but barely giving your body any! if you do decide to do this, your body will eat your muscle not fat, so weight loss will come but at what cost? last I checked adding a pound of muscle is 10000000xs harder than adding a pound of fat.

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    Yes, you need to watch your diet. Your activity level seems to be fairly high. You might want to try some clen to get things moving in the right direction...
    We don't always get what we want.......

    But we eventually get what we deserve........

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