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Thread: Proposed cycle

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    Default Proposed cycle

    This is what I plan on cycling once I cut down to at least 14%BF.
    Stats currently
    age 26
    237lbs. 16% BF
    (diet still getting it together) won't be starting until I have everything under control.

    Proposed cycle
    weeks 1-10 Test E @ 500mgs. Sunday morn. and Wed. nights injects.
    weeks 1-4 Dbol @ 50 mgs. ( don't know if 40 would be better)
    weeks 8-12 Var @ 50mgs. using it as a bridge into PCT
    Adex .25 E3D throughout will up it if need be

    PCT weeks 12-16
    Nolvadex 40mgs 2 weeks 20 mgs 2 weeks
    Clomid 200mgs 2 weeks 100mgs 2 weeks

    I would like the Test to go through 12 weeks and shift everything to the right 2 weeks but due to time constraints and not being able to continue cycle w/ injects can't do it. Also I'm not stuck on using the Var just thought it would be a good idea for it's hardening and strength effects until PCT. Let me know what you guys think. I'll be posting my diet in the diet section soon along with my workout routine.
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    Upon reviewing some suggestions to other members my PCT looks like the doses are alil much but I don't know what do you guys suggest?

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    i like your cycke dude,looks like you done your researchh.40-or 50's fine with the dbol just make sure you run milk thristlw with your orals to protect the liver.
    pct nolva:20,20,20,10,10,
    clomid: 50,50,50,25,25 will be will problay spike your blood pressure with those doses you had planned.var is ok imo,you can run it or not,your call.

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    Yeah I have all the extra supplements on hand vitamins, liv52, protein, flax seed oil, glutamine etc.. yeah I will definitely lower the PCT doses then. Been doing a lot of research beforehand. Didn't want to post and get massacred by everyone for not knowing. Thanks for the input. Now if only I could figure out the diet portion.

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    all good bro,your here to learn,it just makes the process easier if you do what you did

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    I would try to extend the test out to at least week 12 if possible. You did order extra, right?
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    I have enough to do a couple of cycles, but due to me traveling so much I'll be gone for those last two weeks and I don't think it would be a good idea to fly with pins. I might make it 12 as for now I'm planning on just ten though. Thanks for the thought.

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    weeks 1-12 Test E @ 500mgs
    weeks 1-4 Dbol @ 50 mgs
    weeks 8-14 Var @ 50mgs
    Adex .25 E3D

    PCT weeks 14-17
    Nolvadex 20/20/10/10
    Adex .25 mgs E3D up through week 17 (prevent estrogen rebound)

    No need for clomid as you didn't run a nandrolone, but if you want too
    Clomid 50/50/25/25 weeks 14-17
    29 Years Old
    261 lbs
    9.78% BF (Parillo Caliper Method)
    ON Cycle Week 4 of 11
    Start Cycle Stats: 246 lbs & 8.67% BF

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    I've been trying to look up your thought process on not using the clomid because of not using a nandrolone. Could you explain? If I could go the full 12 weeks I would have done the cycle you recommended though.

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    As your cycle is not too harsh you can recover relatively quickly with just Nolva, if you've run a harsher cycle with a Nandralone like Deca or Tren which shuts you down hard it's best to run Clomid as well to help restart things

    Have you looked at running HCG during your cycle or post to kick start your testes ?

    Again not mandatory but always a good addition to a cycle to aid recovery
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