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Thread: Chizles: Journey With Equinax

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    thats happened to me thats why i do cardio on my off days now the only way i would do cardio after i lift is if im gonna start cutting....

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    Hey guys so today was shoulders and trap day did dumbbell and military press, front and side military raises and for my traps did dumbbell shrugs and behind the neck barbell shrugs. On the way to the gym got bad news about my great aunt who i was close with passing away and broke down in tears for like 15 minutes in the street ( not afraid to admit it) almost turned around and went home but I thought i should just go to take my mind off of it.

    The workout went good was pushing weights alot harder maybe it's because of the aggression and anger I had that got me to push heavier.

    Tomorrow is leg and and ab day. Dreading doing abs after legs as it seems so much harder to do crunches and leg raises after doing them. May just do the leg raises after my squats so I can move my legs. Will report back tomorrow.

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    you eat less than i do, you have 3 of your meals as shakes! i weight 137# and eat 5 eggwhites in the morning, why are you eating so little here? i would put some oatmeal here so you have some carbs in the morning for energy. if you are trying to gain mass, you need to be eating close to 450grams of protein a day! i just dont think you are there with that diet! good luck.

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    I thought I updated I have an oat cereal called oatabix after my scrambled eggs have around 200g and with semi skimmed milk. I do eat alot and it might not seem like it in the diet layout but the portion sizes I eat are big if I'm eating chicken as my main meal it will be 2 100-150 gram breast with 37.5g of protein with each. And if it's steak it will be three lean cutlets which each have 27.5 g of protein in them. And I have alot of rice or sweet potatoes aswell, Sometimes half or even a whole one. So i am eating alot and when the EQ kicks in I'll be even hungrier so I'll be eating even more than the laid out diet.

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    Hey there sorry I haven't updated on past two days been busy. Thursday was legs day and I did squats, leg presses, lunges, leg curls, calf raises. Yesterday was arm day my favourite of the week surprise surprise haha. Did 12 sets for biceps, 14 for triceps. Amazing pump but not seeing growth in my triceps gonna cut it down to 12 sets. For biceps i do barbell curls, preacher curls, hammer curls, and incline curls rep range varies and on incline curls I do a drop set on the end or sometimes earlier in the routine to keep them guessing. For triceps i do weighted parallel dips, cgbp, cable pushdowns & reverse grip pushdowns and on the last set of these I make it a drop set.

    Aim this cycle is to try and grow the arms by an inch. I know it's optimistic and some might think i won't be able to do it but I'll get there. Im focusing on building up my triceps and building my shoulders to gain arm size and working on my biceps for size and shape. Gonna eat like a horse aswell to make sure i get there because as you can see in my photos arms are pretty shitty.

    Resting this weekend maybe do some light cardio. Looking forward to chest workout Monday as I should feel the Dbol kick in properly (normally I've noticed it takes a week to feel the strength benefits of Dbol) will post back Monday.

    Ps just wanted to do you think doing a 5*6 program for flat bench is good for strength and hypertrophy. I'll be doing it with 240lbs. I know between 3-5 reps is for strength which I wanna increase but I also wanted hypertrophy so ive figured if I do higher reps or 8-12 with my incline and decline presses and my flye movements which are Pec dec and incline Flyes it should be fine. Let me know what you think.

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    For arms I've found that less is better. Arms get so much work throughout the normal day, then when you hit the gym any upper body movement you do involves arms in some way. I stick to 6-8 sets depending on how I feel doing curls/ lying tricep extensions back to back as a superset. Then I'm done.
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    For mass gaining diet. Get the arnie dictionary. The got some good meal plans in there!

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    Hey guys hope all is well. Tomorrow is chest day looking forward to seeing how much the Dbol has affected strength. I've normally noticed that when I take Dbol takes a week for the Bol to kick in. My question was do you think that if I do my flat bench with a 5x6 program for strength and when i do my flat incline and decline for 4 sets of 8-12 reps (for hypertrophy) that would be good for muscle and strength gains or should I stick to training for strength or training for muscle growth. I'll lay down my chest routine below

    Flat Bench 4x6
    Incline Dumbell Bench Press 4 sets 12, 10, 8, 8
    Decline 3 sets of 12
    Incline Flyes 4 sets 12, 10, 8, 8
    Pec Dec 3 sets 12, 10, 8
    Cable Flyes 3 sets 1 from top 2 from bottom 12 reps

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    Chizle -

    I would do those cable flies as a drop set to failure, get those pecks pumped and full. Focus on the contraction trying to get your pecks to touch each other. Even if every third rep you do a 2 second pause at peak contraction.
    By doing a drop set you will be forcing a ton of blood into the bellies, but beware, you will be sore the next day.

    Nice log.


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    So today was the start of 2nd week was so psyched to hit the gym. Pinned 1ml(400mg) of the Equitest perfect injection no pain no wasted juice. Dividing my dose of 600mg into two doses 1st pin 400mls 2nd 200 just find it easier doing it this way. Took my 40mg of Dbol as usual in two doses in morning and preworkout. Today was chest and I did the routine I previously posted above was pushing more weight for sure normally I do 120kg for 5 reps on flat bench but today did 125kg for 5x5. Decides that I'm gonna up the weight everyweek by 5lbs to keep growing and obviously to increase strength so next week will be 127.5 that I try.

    All my other lifts went up aswell and so did my flye movements in particular the weight on the Pec dec. Did my cable Flyes as a dropset from the top and the bottom and my chest was pumped like a mother gonna do that every week lol. For dinner I had a whole sweet potatoe (a big one) mashed with three steak fillets and a cup of vegetables and now I'm having a whey and casein shake before I go to sleep.

    Also my weight has gone up from 93kg to 96 in a week. Hopefully I the Dbol can keep adding the pounds on and making my lifts go up even more before the test kicks in in three weeks and the EQ in 7 weeks. Tomorrow is back day will report back then. Night y'all

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