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Thread: Tips On PCT

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    Quote Originally Posted by diggs1870 View Post
    Im gonna run nolva, clomid and arimidex. Think that will do the trick?
    This has been a excellent PCT for me and friends. You can't go wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattyIce View Post
    This has been a excellent PCT for me and friends. You can't go wrong.
    Great!! Thanks

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    Hazcat Guest


    I agree Matty. I like to post different points of view. You have to know Eric Potraz who wrote the article. He likes to bring new products to market so he attempts to shoot down status quo to highlight his new products. He's a smart guy but there's some agenda behind many of his writings. He's brought some good products to market.

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    Thanks guys, did a couple cycles and got great results except for the fact that my cholesterol was all jacked up and blood pressure as well. Ive got all my levels up to par now and Im looking to start a new cycle. Maybe something a little more moderate. Any tips for starting my next cycle? Would like to keep the blood press/chol levels at a decent rate. Oh ya if it helps, I have some Test-E, Deca and ANAVAR on hand?

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    No tips..........

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