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Thread: Clen or Albuterol during PCT?

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    Question Clen or Albuterol during PCT?

    This is week 10 of an 11-week Test-E-Only cycle (~625mg/wk). Originally planned to be 12-weeks, but must've over-dosed all my jabs by a little bit throughout, and only had enough gear left to fill the 10th and 11th syringes. Oh well ..

    Anyways, I've been doing 250IU HCG twice per week throughout, and 0.25mg LiquidEx twice per week throughout.

    PCT will be 20mg Nolva, 25mg Clomid every day for 4 weeks, or until the pills run out... starting 14 days after my last jab (this coming Sunday night). For ~10 days after my last jab, i will continue the HCG - - stopping ~4-5 days before starting Nolva/Clomid. I will continue LiquidEx during the entire rest of the cycle and throughout Nolva/Clomid, but taper down from EOD, to E3D to E4D, E5D, etc ..

    I'm starting to drop my calories a bit now, to try and shed some fat in prep for a "contest" at the start of June. By "contest" of course i mean a vacation where my shirt will be off the entire time on a beach surrounded by girls

    I've read conflicting views on the usefulness of Clen or Albuterol during PCT. Some say that it has a somewhat anti-catabolic effect which could burn some fat while helping to prevent muscle loss. Others say why bother introducing yet another chemical into your body during a time when your goal is to get back to normalcy.

    The 2 week on, 2 week off scheme where you start off at 40mcg/day and increase till you are comfortable (100mcg/day MAX) .. then stop for 2 weeks .. then back on for 2 weeks ... seems reasonable.

    Any thoughts on this process to help lock in some gains, while helping your body shed some fat ? Total myth, or what ?

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    Well clen and anobolic steroids act differently.Clen dosent supress your natural testosterone system so i wouldnt worry bout that.Saying that i dont think you should run clen during pct.Your body has just been through weeks of hard work,low ammunity and the last thing you need is to burn your system out completely.You can not just take clen and not diet properly and avoid cardio.Maby if this were for some serious contest that meant alot to you,but its not if you just wanna strut around.Give your body some time off and let you CNS recharge.With a steady diet and some early morning cardio you can achieve cutting without the money and health risk.When the time is rite,the way you stated how to cycle it is correct.

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    Sounds good Dleato.. i think i'll stick to good 'ol black coffee and AM cardio .. thanks!

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