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Thread: ~NYmuscle 1st cycle and 1st competition log~

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    i think you could do a couple cycles a year and get big enough to compete in the npc on a national level then if you do go pro you could stay on from then on but i would not stay on right now. come on and let you levels get back to normal before you do another cycle. it will be a lot better for your body and give you the time to get all your gear for your next cycle
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    Just talked with my coach

    gonna run prop at 300mg a week with .5 Adex EOD till i get my other gear

    Diet starts tomrrow,Lifting starts tommrow gonna go about 70% this week on lifting since im a little rusty and to get my joints back in it

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    Im with hambone on this one.

    I haven't chimed in on this log because i don't agree with it either. But thats ok, its your life, and health.

    I abused aas at a young age (and i use the term abused because any use of it at an ealry age is just that.) Now, Im 28 and on TRT for life. My lipid profile is fucked, im going in for a heart cath on tuesday, and im going bald. Now did aas cause all this? Its a good possibility.

    I know what its like to feel young, and not grasp facts when it comes to health problems. And in no way do i mean to come off condesending, but bro, you have NO CLUE of what you are getting yourself into. And your reliance on what steroids will do for your body is pretty alarming. You could have accomplished what you did on diet alone. I beleive this is what you want to do......right now. But what about 2 years, or five years when it loses its appeal, and you've trashed your body, and can't have kids.

    You have plenty of testosterone right now natty to get huge gains, if your diet and commitment is high. i think you have a warped view of what AAS is gonna do. You don't have to do this overnight, you're young. Tell me what the harm is in taking a good 4 months off, and actually trying to gain mass without em? then you can re access if you wanna go on. its not gonna set you back from competing in the long run..

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