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Thread: cycle question

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    Default cycle question

    Hey guys,

    I am running a test e, test prop, dbol cycle. I have a few questions/issues I was hoping someone could help with.

    Week 1 - 12 Test E 500mgs = 2ML PW = 24MLS
    Week 1 - 6 Test P 100mgs EOD = 3ML PW = 18 MLS
    Week 1 - 6 Dbol 60mgs ED = 6 pills per day, 30pw,180

    I noticed within the last week I haven't been sleeping well at all and one night my heart felt really heavy.

    Also, I took a test e and prop shot wed. and my knee felt very sore the next day(still feels sore) and my ankles swelled up. The first shot didn't feel "right". I'm on week 4 of the cycle. Any ideas?

    I was planning to start adex week 3 but I haven't done so. I bought the liquid kind thru agguys. How do I measure out .25ml and how do I take this?
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    Start the AI now. Use a syringe and measure it that way. Then squirt it in your mouth or put it in juice and drink it.
    Might drop the dbol dose down to 40mg ed, it's probably the cause...
    All in all, beautiful cycle!

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    AAS will cause insomnia for some, As for he heavy heart,Keep a very close eye on that.It could be blood pressure related.I occassionaly have heart problems,i find after a dose of hawthorn extract its back in tip top shape, so that might be on the list for you to do.

    where did you shoot you're prop?

    as for the liquidex,use a barrel to messure.

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    Hey Guys,

    Thank you for the reply.

    I have been shooting lately in the thigh.

    Sorry for sounding stupid, but if I draw the liquidex using a syringe, do I just squirt in a cup? I read a thread where buff says he takes .5 and fills the eye dropper thing included with the bottle up half way. If I take .25 is it safe to fill up quarter of the way?

    Should I begin the shots again? My last was on Wed and I was supposed to do a test prop only shot Friday.
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    squirt it in you're mouth or a cup,aslong as it enters your body orally.

    Dont see how your knee hurts if you shot in your thigh.shots will always hurt into the injected area,thats perfectly normal.
    How close to your knee are you shooting?

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    Hi Dleato,

    I am shooting maybe 10-12 inches from my knee. I did something because it really hurt. I felt like one injection wasn't right(had a test prop and e injection that day). I aspirate and everything was ok.

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    Are you only pinning your thighs ?

    With the test-p being EOD you will have to rotate injection sites....I normally use glutes, quads and delts....

    If you stand up and put your arms down your sides where your fingers touch your thighs is roughly where you want to low and your gear can make it's way down to the knee and cause you issues.

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    Hi premier,

    I was pinning my glutes but switched because it's difficult to reach around. I'll try the delts.

    Another question: Is there any negative side effects if you take gear and do not workout regularly? The reason I ask is I injured my shoulder my first week in the cycle and haven't been able to workout my upper body like I had hoped. Really sucks.

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    Hi Jayshel,

    Yes doing glutes on your own does take a bit of getting used to I do them in the mirror but delts are more straight forward.

    Sorry to hear you've hurt your shoulder....the main sides are you're not going to get the full benefit of running your gear, on the positive side gear can make you heal faster.

    As it was your first week you could of stopped without any real issue and waited for your shoulder to heal and then re-start, you would not of needed to run a PCT etc.

    As you're 4 weeks in hopefully your shoulder should be on the mend and things should settle down, but don't push it too hard.

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    Pinning yourself is just a matter of experience. Practice makes perfect. I never let anyone else inject me. It helps keep what you're doing more of a secret if you don't want the world knowing you are a juice head.
    The information given is for entertainment purposes only. I do not use steroids nor condone their use. I am not a trained health professional and therefore any answer given is strictly an intellectual exercise, not advice on how to use steroids.
    Muscle Forged In Pain!

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