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Thread: couple questions

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    Default couple questions

    Hey guys,

    I am running a dbol, test e, test prop cycle and am starting my fifth week of a twelve week cycle.

    Week 1 - 12 Test E 500mgs = 2ML PW = 24MLS
    Week 1 - 6 Test P 100mgs EOD = 3ML PW = 18 MLS
    Week 1 - 6 Dbol 60mgs ED = 6 pills per day, 30pw,180

    My pinning schedule is:

    Sunday: 1ml 250mg Test E + 1ml 100mg Test Prop
    Wednesday: 1ml 250mg Test E + 1ml 100mg Test Prop
    Friday: 1ml 100mg Test Prop.

    I ran dbol at 60, 40, and then 20-30 for only 4 weeks. I found it was very harsh on my body and when I stopped taking it I felt much better. I'm feeling good on test e, test p. When I finish test p on week 6 do I still pin test e only Sun and Wed? When I stop the cycle altogether how long do I have to wait to begin another cycle? Is dbol injectable any less harsh on the body? Does anyone have suggestions on what to run next cycle? Anavar? Can I extend the present cylce out further than 12 weeks? Any and all help greatly appreciated.

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    are you sure your dbol was legit dbol?sounds more like someone gave you methyltest instead of dbol as those are symptoms of its use.when i run methyl test i'm miserable but strong as an ox.only when i come off do i feel better.dbol will give me a better sense of well being and hate when i've got to stop it.also ramping it up and down is a waste.start at one dose and keep it there until you come off.split the doses up during the day as its half life is pretty short for such a strong drug.good idea with the prop tho.i did that when i got back on in 08 i think it was.did 100ml prop eod for two weeks then ran my sust eod for about the time i was hitting the sust i was already gaining mad strength and libido from the prop alone.
    i'll also use prop towards the end of a cycle even tho i'm never really off.just blast and cruise but like to give my body a chance to let the long esters like cyp/enth clear out a bit before i start my cruise which is only about 250-400mg/wk of cyp or enth.the prop clears alot quicker too and will help make your transition into pct a bit less sides imho...
    Please,DO NOT contact me via PM for sources-dom or int.i have no such knowledge of either.Thank you in advance.roc...

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    Prop is a short ester 3.5 days, your hormones will be all over the map. This might be why you feel like a bag of crap.

    Prop needs to be pinned EoD (every other day) monday, wednesday, friday, sunday, tuesday, thursday saturday

    I would stop the dbol and run the prop properly and see how you do.

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    Thank you for the replies. I'm pretty certain it's dbol and I have stopped taking it for now. Is there any point on getting back on it this cycle since I ran it the first 4 weeks? I will start pinning prop eod and see how I do. When I finish prop on week 6 do I still pin test e only Sun and Wed? Should I look at taking anything else with the test e? Can I extend past 12 weeks? If so, with what? If I come off after 12 weeks can I bridge between my next cycle with 10mg dbol? If I don't bridge with dbol how long do I need to wait until I can run a full cycle again? I am already taking adex(started on week 3) at .25ml E2D and will take Nolva 2 weeks after last pin of Test E.
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    No need for the Dbol anymore, and yes you keep pinning test e twice a week. You can possibly close your cycle out with another oral if you'd like. You can extend your cycle beyond 12 weeks, maybe 14-16 weeks with test e if you'd like. No, do not bridge between cycles with Dbol, it's very very counter productive and you'll lose everything you gain off the dbol almost immediately anyways. Time off = time on + pct, so you're gonna want to take about 4-5 months off after this cycle if you run the rest of this cycle for 12 weeks.

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    bb120, thank you for the reply. What oral would you run at the end and for how long? I am getting a bunch of conflicting info on dbol. Look at these This is saying you can combine with PCT at 10/mg day. An article on this website: says you can run 10/mg day for a long period of time. So you are saying you have to stay off for 4 months? That's a long time to be off this stuff.
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    Yes you need to lay off for that period of time, there may be conflicting opinions out there on the matter, but the general consensus is that you need to give your body time to recover and your receptors time to clear. Honestly there's no point in running Dbol by itself either, especially at such a small dose. If you'd like to run something at the end of your cycle you could give anavar a try if it's something you're interested in. I personally haven't tried it yet, but I'm planning on using it in my upcoming cycle. You could run it at 50-70 mgs ED for the last 5-6 weeks of your cycle including the bridge to pct. So if you're doing a 12 weeks cycle you could run it through week 14 until you start pct.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm thinking about taking Anavar per bb120's suggestion if I can get my hands on it and extending the cycle. I'm on my fifth week and haven't seen the increases I had hoped for in strength. I think I have a reputable source and I am following the pinning schedule to a t. I'm eating and sleeping fine. Does anyone have any ideas why I would not? Should my cycle really start to kick in from week 6 on? What about bumping up test e and prop to 1.5ml/shot?

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    bump of thread. Guys, if you could give me some thoughts on extending the cycle and adding anavar to the end it would be greatly appreciated. Or, possibly adding test prop at the tail end as well?
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    You're getting impatient. If your test is good, you'll be lifting more than you should in a couple weeks. Prop is always good at the end of a cycle. Last 2-3 weeks after last long ester shot. Then a couple days later start PCT.

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