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Thread: Tamoxifen instead of Arimidex

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    Default Tamoxifen instead of Arimidex

    Hi guys,

    Is it possible to use Tamoxifen to block estrogen from binding to its receptors in the breast to prevent gyno ,instead of Arimidex whilst on a test course ? say from week 2 to 12 ?

    I know Arimidex works by preventing the conversion of steroids made by the adrenal gland into estrogen.

    What are your thoughts on this ?

    Thanks in advance


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    You can do it, but you'll still have high estrogen which leads to other sides.

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    gyno is not the only side that can come from high estrogen as shovel said. one of the more embarrassing issues for a guy is ED. high estrogen can cause you to not be able to get it up. And if all you are doing is binding estrogen from being attached to breast tissue, what about everything else>
    I would run arimidex, and do.
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