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Thread: Frontloading Test E

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    Default Frontloading Test E

    I have been reading around frontloading test e and realize that most people don't support it. This article makes a good case however so I am wondering whether the contributors to this forum have an opinion:

    Based on the guidelines in the article, for a 600mg per week cycle, you would pin 600mg test e on day one, 300 on day two, take a day off and then resume the weekly 300mg twice per week for the rest of the cycle from day four.

    Using the roid calculator, the numbers stack up with a much quicker arrival at peak blood concentration when frontloading is followed.

    I am wondering if there is merit in the theory or if the extra test is better used in an extended normal cycle.

    Anybody with any practical experience in this area?
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    Front loading is a common pratice and a viable option to running something like d-bol or test prop up front to get ON cycle much quicker. but you actually would have to use much more and more frequent injections for the first two weeks than you had mentioned.
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    I did it with deca and test before. Did my weekly dosage eod for the first couple weeks and then dropped to the normal cycle dosages of 600 each. Wouldn't say I noticed a big difference at all, but on paper it's suppose to work.

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