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Thread: Athlete Cycle, Questions, Answers

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    I agree with bush man, eat some real damn food! you are very genitically gifted to be the size/condition you are in with such a diet; just imagine what you could do if you ate properly! great log though very interesting

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    day 3:
    pinned left delt
    2 sausage patties for breakfast; snack: protein shake; lunch: steak, steamed spinach, sauteed shrooms; snack: chicken breast; dinner: baba ganoush, salad, feta and spinach stuffed tomato, lamb, chicken, lentel soup, lima beans --> ate like a king.

    got xrays of back. L4 knocked a chip out of L5. not sure if the disk was damaged or not. prescribed ice, muscle relaxers, IBU, rest. went to see my airrosti physio today. if you don't know what that is, it's the first eastern block type of physio in the US. their motto is 3 or less visits to 100% recovery or else you need surgery. I've seen them for pulled groin, hamstring and a shoulder injury that was chronic for 6 months. I've found the motto to be true thus far. we'll see about the back. only about a 15% improvement after today's visit.

    have rugby playoffs in 2 weeks. need a quick recovery or I'll be dropped from the travel squad. been there and done that. mainly play now for the competitive edge. still plan on going if I don't heal as a mini vacation. either way I'll be happy. taking the missus. meeting two non-rugby friends out there. it'll be a good time.

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    Day 4: right delt, another Airrosti treatment on lower back, back to 50% still sore after sitting but walking/jogging seem to help with recovery. Missed 3 rugby practices this week and had difficulty working from home.
    Day 5: right glute, Missus noticed the needles and asked wtf. Told her I had it and finally decided to use it. She frowned unapprovingly, but that was that.

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    Day 6: left glute
    Breakfast: 8 Egg whites, black forest ham, veggies and fruit; lunch and dinner: all day fish fry (not sure how many lbs of fish I ate), also had tons of carbs because I sampled every dessert available.
    Rugby practice consisted of running around playing touch rugby. No contact. Back felt 90% better. Was stiff higher up in the back, but getting there.
    Light Workout to test out the back:

    Exercise Sets
    1 Warmup and Stretch 5*minutes
    2 Theraband Rotators (all positions) 12*reps, 8*reps, 8*reps
    3 Hang Snatch High Pull [email protected]*lbs, [email protected]*lbs, [email protected]*lbs, [email protected]*lbs, [email protected]*lbs
    4 Close Grip Bench Press [email protected]*lbs, [email protected]*lbs, [email protected]*lbs, [email protected]*lbs
    5 Military Press Behind Neck (+) [email protected]*lbs, [email protected]*lbs, [email protected]*lbs
    6 ***Flex Deltoid Fly [email protected]*lbs, [email protected]*lbs
    7 ***Dips (Weighted) [email protected]*lbs, [email protected]*lbs, [email protected]*lbs
    8 Cable Leaning Overhead Triceps Extension [email protected]*lbs, [email protected]*lbs
    9 Dumbbell Seated Forearm Flexion [email protected]*lbs, [email protected]*lbs
    10 Machine Neck Flex/Ext [email protected]*lbs, [email protected]*lbs
    11 Reverse Crunches 21*reps, 21*reps
    12 Alternate Heel Touchers 48*reps, 48*reps

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    Day 7: pinned right quad, ordered some test prop
    Breakfast: Beef brisket, Eggs, Sausage; Lunch: Meatloaf, carrots, squash; Dinner: Steak, Turkey Breast, Salad Greens, Grilled Squash

    Did some more weights/testing of back, right knee was giving me problems, back not 100%, scared to go heavy.

    1 Squat [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs
    2 Wide Grip Chin Ups 7 reps, 7 reps
    3 Barbell Close Grip Bent Over Row [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs
    4 Machine Leg Curl [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs
    5 Dumbbell Shrug [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs
    6 Dumbbell Biceps Curl [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs
    7 Standing Toe Press [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs
    8 Reverse Crunches 21 reps, 21 reps
    9 Plate Twists [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs

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    Quote Originally Posted by honky View Post

    I was on Winny (50mg,3 wks) with hg 10IU total m-f (presently 6 wks). Amazing....the definition I achieved, introduced test en (4 wks today) and lost some definition and gained about 8lbs (not fat, muscle). Recovery from workouts were twice as fast with test en , but, if your a cardio person I wouldn't run test en

    Appreciate the feedback/info. HGwhat? HGH or HCG? I just ordered some test prop...we'll see if I introduce that instead of the Test/DHEA I'm taking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dannothemanno View Post
    I'm assuming "Bio Available" is TNE or suspension yeah?
    Yes, I believe so. I get the "bio available" pills from a TRT/HRT clinic here. The clinic has a pharmacy and makes their own pills you place under the tongue until it dissolves.
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    Day 8: pinned left quad

    Feeling a bit heavy after taking time off to recover the back + perhaps some water retention from the Test + a few high carb meals at family functions recently.
    Doing a 3 day ketosis/low calorie kick-start consisting of 2 gallons of water with green tea extract and 120 g of protein day 1. 0 carb, low calorie meals days 2 and 3, then clean eating thereafter (so we'll see).

    Cardio workout:
    100 heavy Russians aka kettle bell swings (parallel) under 5 minutes (alternating 100lb and 70lb every 10 reps).
    as many reps as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes:
    1 round=
    5 pull ups
    10 push ups
    15 squats
    400 m run

    feeling sluggish due to low calories and back stiffening up on the runs, finished 5 rounds + 30 reps and skipped the last 400.

    might do a heavy lift today depending on how I feel.
    I'm not worried about OT as the cardio workouts do not tax the CNS like spending 45-90 minutes in the gym would. I also try to listen carefully to what my body is telling me...and sleep like a king on the weekends.

    so far my assessment (only after 1 week on the gear) is that I'm not getting quite getting the results desired. remember I'm already a big dude @ 6'0, 245 lbs. my goal is to add strength and speed and not add weight. my muscles feel fuller, stronger, increased endurance, but I'm concerned I might bulk up as well. my need to critique my heavy lifting workouts to focus on strength/recruiting nervous system response without hypertrophy. time will tell.

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    Added a lifting workout today:
    1 Bench Press [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs
    2 Close Grip Incline Bench Press (45 degree) [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs
    3 Plyo Push-ups 6 reps, 6 reps, 4 reps
    4 * Dumbbell Arnold Press [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs
    5 * Flex Deltoid Fly [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs
    6 Cable External Rotation (AB) [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs
    7 Cable Leaning Overhead Triceps Extension [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs
    8 Cable One Arm Reverse Triceps Pushdown [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs, [email protected] lbs

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    Day 9: pinned right quad added adex .25 and HCG (not sure of the amount because it's an old mix) either 500 or 250.
    Had 5 shakes today and water with potassium, taurine. Remember this is day two of a kicks-start, so I'm starving carbs/calories and will pick back up with real food tomorrow. My intent is not to grow too big and that can be a problem for me and even dictates whether I play a position I want to play or prop, which is kind of akin to a lineman in football.

    Rugby practice tonight, about 80 minutes of running and scrummaging. Felt sluggish and heavy and was. I definitely feel fuller in my muscles after 9 days on Suspension Test/DHEA and Primo, go figure. Then again, it's been a while since I did some proper weight lifting (other than crossfit) too. Coach noticed and had me switching between 8man and Prop (I really really don't want to play prop).

    Side note: From what I've been reading in other's posts, if Buff was a rugby player he would be a Prop. Not because he is so big and strong, but because he loves Prop so much. Ha, that seemed funnier in my head.

    I think I'm headed down a path that is counterproductive to my goals. My goals are to either stay the same weight or lose weight whilst gaining strength. I read on here how guys have problems gaining mass or even losing weight on a cycle. That's never been an issue for me on or off cycle...but now I have the gear...what to do? Looks like I'm going to have to ride this one out for better or worse.
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