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Thread: Anavar/Clen cycle

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    Default Anavar/Clen cycle

    Hi guys! I'm 2 pins away from the end of my first bulking cycle. I loved it and put on 20lbs. I've been taking armidex tio keep my water weight down on it to. I have my clomid and Nolvadex waiting to start my PCT, I'm going to hit that about 10 days after my last pin. My question is I was going to do Anavar/Clen about a month after my PCT. I was going low on the anavar for the fat burn 40mg ED for 8 weeks and clen the standard 2 weeks on/off. What do you think? Thanks in advance guys!
    Height : 5' 9"
    Weight: 204 lbs
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    1 cycle under my belt

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    Absolutely not. Don't run anavar by itself. You should have ran anavar at the end of this cycle if you wanted to. It's prob the least harsh to run by itself, but it's still downright stupid imo. If you want fatloss, do cardio and eat cleaner/less. That's not even mentioning the fact anavar at 40mg/ED is pretty pointless IMO.

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    yea bad idea to run an oral while you are still trying to recover- you will just gain fat after that mini cycle ends anyway. cut naturally with clen- steroids are not fat burners mate

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