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Thread: test 250 and 400

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    Ok guys here we go. I received half of my stuff and it aint looking good for the rest for a while. So i will start off by saying i know i need more but i want some expert opinions on if i can start my cycle and get what im looking for. I have 1 1/2 bottles of 250, 1 t 400 and one deca. armidex, nov. I was wanting to do test/deca ETD and .25 armidex ETD. I was planning on running a 12 week cycle to bulk but now im thinking on cutting it down to 10. Can i make this work to get good results or would it be a waste. Should i just wait and keep trying to get two bottles of deca and two of the same test? Any opinons are welcome even smart ones if you can help a little like i said i can wait but i think you all know how anxious you get when your ready.

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    I would NEVER start a cycle without EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN HAND.

    what is the ETA on your other gear?

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    I agree with Dark... You have 7750mg of test and that is enough to run 645mg per week for 12 weeks. That should be plenty of test for this cycle. The down side is the deca. Assuming it is dosed 200mg/ml then you can only get 10 weeks at 200mg per week. That is a pretty low dose but you could see some benefit from it and probably very little to an sides.

    I would dose the test from the T400 and 250 in each shot so you are getting the same every time. For ease of measurement you could do 1.25cc of the 250 and that would give you 312.5mg and .75cc of the 400 would give you 300mg so total that would be 612.5mg per week. You will end up with about 400mg of the T400 left over so you can get an extra shot out of it if you want or just dose it one tick on the syringe over .75cc and that should pretty much take care of it all. If you want to inject E3D then just do the math and figure out the amount of cc you need in each shot. It will get kind of tricky though it you want to be accurate.
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    The smaller doses of deca may be beneficial for joint and ligaments etc. but as far as size you will need more.
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