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Thread: Second cycle anavar only

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    Default Second cycle anavar only

    Hey guys,

    my history;

    i first trained 2 years natural. Then last summer i just an anavar only cycle to bulk up. Im still cleanbullking right now. But i wanna use another anavar cycle just to cut !. When i first used it i did 60mg/6 weeks now i wanna do 50mg/5 weeks. I had no sides from the cycle just a loss of libido. Is it true i cant get any other sides on this cycle again?

    Thank you

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    If you run test as a base you can eliminate the libido problem.
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    yeah i know, but im wondering if its possible if u run it for the second time to get some other sides ( some sides u didnt have on the first cycle )

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    I heard 30mg was all you really need and at that amount you shouldn't get any libido problems.

    If you want to bulk up why not use something else, boldenone is good and it made my horny like a goat

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    Look into a SARMs cycle if you dont wanna use a test base. Similar to results to anavar and you won't lose libido. You won't get the strength gains you do with anavar but you can stack 2 SARMs together and get nice hard define lean keepable gains.

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