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Thread: thinking of running a tren test anadrol cycle. please correct me if you do not like

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    Default thinking of running a tren test anadrol cycle. please correct me if you do not like

    I am thinking of running Test e or cyp at 500-750 mgs (i am going to build to 750 mid way thru then come back to 500)
    tren enanathate at 400 mgs and 50 mgs of anadrol)
    now i never ran tren nor no ppl who ran it read great things but looking for some cycle length thoughts for best results!! u guys always help thank you guys!!

    I am 5'7 180-190 (good shape) last winter i was about 200-204 after bulking in feb (mom went to hospice and then assed away i lost alot i have been back now my shapes back and feeling great ready to prepare for my next jump)
    I am eating 6-8 meals a day depending on lifting or not. i am bulking so not too too clean trying to eat red meat as much as possible, today i had 6 whole eggs with 2 cups oatmeal (sugar less quaker) with my elite xt protein.. .. followed by shake and greek yogurt for a snack lunch i had 1 pound of ground beef (85%lean) with 2 cups rice (white i know should be whole = [) and a yam . than snacked on a banana and had a cheese burger . prework out shake with about 30 almonds and post protein and my waxiemaze shake with 2 talapia (spelling wrong) and some ground beef (taco seasoning just a hand full of beef) with a salad with regular italian dressing. i than had pizza rolls right before a lite cardio session (i play flag football on tuesdays ha ha) followed by tuna sandwich with lite mayo and french fries. (i throw in shakes here and there and use my weight gainer h.u.g.e when i first wake up and before bed.) (this usually is my daily thing mixing rice with pasta best i can)
    i have taken 3 cycles before (test dbol) (sus dbol) (test deca) in my time i started lifting at 120 lbs 5-6 years ago
    only way to gain mass is to push heavy ass weight... "not at the table carlos"

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    Drop the anadrol for sure, especially with tren (both are very harsh steroids). Testosterone with tren would be your best option.

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    Agree with Tealc. The tren will overshadow anything else you are doing anyway.
    If you want a kick start then try d-bol instead of a-drol. Much less harsh on the liver.
    The information given is for entertainment purposes only. I do not use steroids nor condone their use. I am not a trained health professional and therefore any answer given is strictly an intellectual exercise, not advice on how to use steroids.
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    When I first tried tren I used enth. Bad mistake on my part. Took over a week for the sides to clear. So sweaty anxious and insomia. After three weeks on i quit it.
    My advise would be use tren ace first to see if you like it.
    Laying awake all night in a hot sweaty agitated mess is not fun.

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    I Have to agree with the guys here, drop the adrol.

    Tren is a very serious beast. I only run it in Ace form as Matt found out. If you run 2 cycles with Ace and you know what to expect E is not so bad either.
    Tren has some sides that some people just cant deal with, please do not use it lightly.

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