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Thread: elevated blood pressure

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    well guys checked my blood pressure after a nap and it was 129/59, my diastolic is a bit low, ima make an appointment with the doctor and see whats up.

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    By the way don't get on any gear for the sake of skateboarding, along with the juice comes good dieting and a no booze lifestyle to get the most bang from your buck but you do what u want. thanks for the advice guys ill keep u posted.

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    My BP is 120/60, Doctor says it's perfect for me. That's off cycle BP, but you never know... It's a little bit individual. Good doctors don't believe in a universal 120/80 rule.

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    alright guys ima pull out as I continue feeling like shit with the fluctuations in blood pressure, how long should I wait till i start cleaning my self out, I have never pulled out of a cycle this early so what do you experienced users out there recommend?

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