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Thread: Hardly anyone wants to post Diet.. ? What's up?

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    I agree with everyone .. i think i have the steroids figured out, but the diet thing is the rough part. I'm in no way/shape/form a competitive bodybuilder, I'm a recreational user at best. I think i have a sub-layer of fat that I built up in college, and have since been putting muscle on top of fat (not even sure if that's possible). I never really dieted down to my frame before getting into weight lifting. Now no matter how I cut, i still can't seem to rid myself of the damn belly chub. It's not a lot, it's a pinch on the sides and a pinch in front .. but I swear the only way I'm gonna get rid of it is to cut it out with a utility knife !

    I've since learned that building muscle and weight is the easy part.. eat a shitload of good stuff and poke some Test in your ass for a few months. The HARD part is cutting around the edges once you are sick of feeling like a water buffalo and not being able to reach around and wash your own shoulders or scratch the back of your neck !!

    Thanks for the replies kids, ya'll keep me sane

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    Hazcat Guest


    Nice thread Jah. I give it a 5 star rating. Everyone wants the easy way out but without lining out their diet they are doing it backwards and the hard way Steroids don't work without the diet being fine tuned.

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    Its so true, even when I took a break from teh whole diet i gained 16 ish pounds in 3 months, but thats what happens when you dont measure, eat clean foods and stuff whatever you want in your face.

    Now I pay the price and its cardio up baby....and no one likes it, and if they say they do, theyr on drugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by jah3855 View Post
    there's a fish joke here somewhere.. or a pink taco joke .. either one would work lol
    you know what they say if it smells like fish make it a dish if it smells like cologne leave it alone!

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