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Thread: Trenbolone E cycle help????

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    Default Trenbolone E cycle help????

    OK guys this is my first tren cycle want to make sure everythings right and i need to know from past experiences if i should add something or do somthing different. I am making up this cycle from research so any pointers will be very helpful.

    tren E 200mg E4d or E3d?
    test e 250mg half cc E3d or E4d? want a tren cycle not test...
    HCG 5000 i.u E4d????
    NOV on hand for PCT.

    i also have deca for joints or should i through that in the cycle. again guys i have read but nothing jsut seems right for me so input please.

    10-12% BF
    JSUT Came off cycle thats why so big now im getting new cycle together.

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    I was given some very good advice regarding my Tren cycle in here:

    Hope it helps, how long cycle are you planning?

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    in my opinion its very bad cycle,is that tren enanthate you got here?even if so,test e wont kick in 6 weeks,by that time your dick will be in coma,you think hcg will help to prevent this?maybe on papper yes,but it will crash with test e,so if you go like this test prop pre load for 6 weeks with tren and test e that just drop prop i gues and go from there,continue test e for extra 4 weeks,plus you need run your AIand dostinex on your cycle till you done,after last test e run hcg 14 days i believe,after aromosin or nolva with clomid.

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    Well I would like a 12-16 week cycle and if you think it's a bad cycle then I'm open to any other cycles I want a good one I'm not bull headed so I will deffenty listen to you guys just need some help. If I understand preload test once in my system start tren correct? What about deca and the hcg only run hcg for pct is that what u are implying? Thanks alot for y'alls help.

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    Test is the base of any cycle, however tren can be run higher than test if you have cycled before and know how to deeal with it and what some of the bad signs are.

    Tren can be run alone but its NOT a good idea unless you have run 5+ cycles and know exactly what your doing.

    With that said....

    Tren E is a long ester just like test E.
    You can run them together in the same pin!

    1-14 test E 500mg week split into 2 shots
    1-10 tren E 400mg week split into 2 shots
    So your pinning 250mg test and 200mg of tren each shot.

    1-20 arimidex .5mg e2d, or e2d
    16-20 nolvadex 20mg ed for 3 weeks 10mg ed for 2 weeks

    you will need an AI on hand to combat any issues you have from the tren, just incase. I dont get any issues from tren.

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    darkrider but tren e gets much faster into blood than test e;/ or im wrong?

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    Being that you are using tren E you should be fine. The esters are the same as the Test E.
    I like tren E at 200-300mg twice a week for a total of 400-600mg a week. I would start off with 400mg a week and wait 6 weeks to see how the sides are.
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    hm strange,but i thought tren e or any tren work very fast much faster than any other roid even if its longer ester,2 pins a weeks sounds good,but if sides hit you it will hard,tren a you can discontinue as son as possible it will take 3 days to clear out,how long with tren e?does it do wonders same as tren a buf?

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    tren e has same half life its enanthate. same same..
    yes tren A will leave system quicker. but alot of people prefer the tren E over A. each to there own but it is fine to start them at the same time keeping in mind there the same ester. ive ran a 12 week tren e ONLy cycle. i didnt do it intentionally (my testosterone was fake) I certainly dont recommend it. i had a big ordeal trying to get my natty levels back up after. i was a train wreck. in saying this i suggest following darks layout. id hold off on the adex till week 3 or 4 though and id run the adex .5 e3d or .25 eod.

    also look at a dopamine agonist to keep prolactin in check, itll save you from milking the baby
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    I can't remember if I had issues at 400mg wk of parablolan, but I know that I never have issues with the tren at 300mgs a week (one shot/no other nandrolones). I guess what I am saying is that anything less than 400mgs doesn't really need to be ran with any anti-prolactin drugs in my case. If you are sensitive to prolactin, then you may want to add some medication to combat it. But I personally have never had any issues up to, and including the 400mg mark, and the drug worked wonders on my physic. I even regularly have problems with estrogen during my tren cycles, and still no prolactin problems. But then again, everyone is different. Just my “2 ½ cents worth… beer
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