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Thread: should i start a cycle?

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    Default should i start a cycle?

    Hey guys!

    Ok well I'm new to the site but i have been reading about gear for a while and i know some stuff about it. Im 19 (yes i know im young) but i was in debate to start a clen avar cycle to get cut without any test. now i know without test im most likely gonna loose evrything but its too much of a risk factor for me to start pinning prop eod since i still live with my parents and they would kick me out if they found out (just like almost every other family). I wanted to know if i would really loose that much after an avar clen cycle and if it would be worth it to do it or just save my money and wait till im older and do a real cycle with prop win avar cycle? lemme know wat you guys think.

    thanks in advance

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    Not only is it a bad idea to start an oral only cycle, on top of that you are 19!!! It's all just a terrible idea my friend.
    Wait until you move out of your parents house, closer to 25 yo then start thinking about running hormones, only after you have achieved everything you can achieve naturally.

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    I agree with elochai but if your minds already made up this is the place for guidance.

    Your post wasn't very detailed but it obviously looks like your trying to cut up but you are unsure about using test because of risking trouble with your parents. If that's the case I recommend as you said.. Save your money and wait till you can do it correctly. Your test levels should be just fine at this age, just eat and eat (a good diet) and continue to train hard and you'll be set.

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    apart from being a terrible idea. and say you where 25 yrs old. this is still a terrible idea.
    anavar suppresses natural testosterone levels. var may be ran at a low dose which may not affect your HPTA too greatly but then again you wont see much gains. with natty levels depleted you risk low libido, depression, disrupted sleeping patterns.. etc... the testosterone is not only taken to help you keep your gains it is also used to keep your levels up while anavar depletes you natural levels.. then nolvadex is ran to bring back your natural levels. understand?

    This probably doesnt mean much to you ATM but you have the potential to gain more than most of us here naturally. im 25 now i started very young, i was stupid, i didnt listen, actually i didnt even use the internet. Now i suffer with the consequences. have a think about it mate just looking out for you
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