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Thread: Vitamin D and low test levels

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    Default Vitamin D and low test levels

    I've been reading that a lot of doctors are prescribing Vitamin D for patients with low test. Supposedly most americans are Vitamin D deficient. Blood work is gonna ultimately decide weather your Vitamin D levels are low or not, I'm just wondering if it might be a useful tool for pct. It's cheap enough and easy to acquire. If anyone has any input or experience it'd be great to hear.*

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    Vitamin D3 is good for you for to many reasons to list. If you don't get in the sun much I would recommend taking about 5000iu a day. If that number worries you then at least 2000.

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    I agree with the 5000iu daily. I've read where doctors give a 50,000iu prescription for people with low levels for 6-8 weeks to help raise their levels to where their supposed to be, then run the 5000iu. I also read its very hard to over dose on.

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    Hazcat Guest


    Just about everyone I know is low on vitamin D and taking D3 supplments. Mine just came back boarderline.

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