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Thread: Has anyone ever had any allergies to grapeseed oil?

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    Default Has anyone ever had any allergies to grapeseed oil?

    I am trying to narrow down some health issues I am having at the moment. Ive been using some test cyp dosed at 250mg from an UGL, and its cut with grapeseed oil. for the past few months I have been using it, I have been painfully itchy all over my entire body when I get hot or begin to exercise. Im at the point where im about to quit using it for a few weeks and see if that is the problem. Again the itching and hives can be from anything but I have spent a very long time now trying to narrow things down. If anyone has experienced/heard of anything like this please let me know. Thanks

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    i used to get stupid itchy and get hives when i used to shoot tren, i got it for the first 2 cycles of tren. i took benadryl daily and the itching and hives went away, i started to get itchy this cycle when i first started shooting my deca. problem went away tho. i think its your body just not used to the oil. try benadryl. it works wonders.

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    I currently take Zyrtec and Zantac twice a day and it does nothing. Zantac is an antihistamene like benedryl. Have tried benadryl in the past and it didnt do a thing.

    I got blood work done this morning and tomorrow I go back to the doctors for an appointment and hopefully see what's up. I also had another buddy confrim he has seen this happen to people before. So hopefully not taking it and getting a different batch should do the trick

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    im Zantac is for relief of stomach acid. Is your spelling right, is it a different product?

    Try Benadryl or Aerius.

    Sometimes they use EO to cut GSO and make it thinner, I would try another brand that uses GSO and see how you do.

    Go to Costco and buy 4L of GSO for like 3 bucks, rub it all over your arm and wait see what happens. If no reaction, take a brillow bad and scratch your arm with the GSO on it and wait a few mins. If you react you will know.
    I know it sounds fucked up but this is how I test alergic reactions.

    Just make sure you have some medication around so you can take it right away when\IF you end up with a reaction.

    IMO your alergic to something, BA, BB, GSO, EO.

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    dark please enlighten me as to what the hell all those acronyms are. Im quessing gso is grape seed oil but whats the rest?

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