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Thread: New Cycle, thought?

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    Default New Cycle, thought?

    Hey fellas, just started this planned cycle (this week) and wanted to get your thoughts or suggestions before I get to far in. Im 39, been working out hard for last 5 years, 5 days a week (divorce, drove me into the gym!), 5 10`, 185lbs with 13%BF. My diet is solid. I have everything on hand except the Var. Goal is to add about 15 pounds of lean muscle and get into the single digits with BF. This is what I put together but would like to have you guys tweak it.

    Weeks 1 thru 12 Test E (500mg/week, 2 pins)
    Weeks 10 thru 15 Winny (50mg ED) (May switch to VAR 60mg ED if I can get it)
    Weeks 3 thru 15 Arimidex (0.25 E3D)

    Start PCT on first day after last dose of Win or VAR, Weeks 16 thru 20 Nolva (20/20/20/10/10)

    Week 1: Nolvadex; 20mg/day, Arimidex; 0.25mg/E3D
    Week 2: Nolvadex; 20mg/day, Arimidex; 0.25mg/E3D
    Week 3: Nolvadex; 20mg/day, Arimidex; 0.25mg/E3D
    Week 4: Nolvadex; 10mg/day, Arimidex; 0.25mg/E4D
    Week 5: Nolvadex; 10mg/day, Arimidex; 0.25mg/E5D
    Week 6:............................, Arimidex; 0.25mg/E5D
    Week 7:............................, Arimidex; 0.25mg/E5D

    300 mg Milk Thistle, multi vitamin, B12 and fish oil everyday

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    How will your diet be like? Will you be in a caloric deficit? Meaning will this be a cutting or a bulking cycle? You can't do both.
    If this is a cutting cycle i would recommend you switch the test E with test P so you don't hold that much water. I would also stick with the Win rather than the Var.

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    My thoughts were to bulk at the beginning and reduce the calories towards the end (last 4 week) of the cycle.

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    Best thing you could do if you are up for it is to run your 12 weeks of Test E and bulk and then switch to Test P for 4-6 weeks and add the Winny and reduce calories. But lets see what some of the more experienced users will have to say.

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    What are your thoughts on Winny instead of Var? Im not looking for any massive gains, just slow steady growth to get over the 5 year hump.

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    AT 39, 12 weeks wont get you 15lbs of mass. Yeah, your scale will tip on the +20lbs side after week 8 or 9, maybe 10, but after you add in Var or Winny and properly use the AI and PCT, you will not see the gains you want. Gains are diet, you know that, so I wont waste your time.

    12 weeks is just not enough time to grow the right way and Var and or Winny literally shrink your muscle bellies on the back end of a cycle. When I hear the word hump, plateau or stalled, I look at 1. have I changed my training enough weekly to stimulate the muscle continually, 2. am I resting enough 3. is my diet different each week to where my body is not becoming immune the same macro nutrient builds and then 4 whats my cycle actually doing in my body.

    If you want to get 15, you will gain 30, and after PCT keep 15.

    I would do 20 weeks of Test E/C or Sust at 500mgs and 600mgs of EQ for 18 weeks. I would front load with the VAR at 75-100mgs per day.

    This is your first cycle, usually we say 1 compound, but Var and EQ are both mild and you are 39, not 25.

    I never stepped into a gym until after my first wife left me 10 days before xmas in 2005, now I am married to a figure competitor, you are better off.


    Nothing is impossible-

    "Whether you think you can do it or don't think you can do it, you are probably right" - Henry Ford via Jay Cutler, 2011 MD post Olympia Loss to Phil Heath

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