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Thread: First cycle going great... question about pct

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    Default First cycle going great... question about pct

    Giving you a little update on progress of first cycle.... so far things seem to be going pretty good. 5 weeks in and have noticed pretty good gains 18 lbs . Bench press went from 185lbs 12 reps to 255lbs 10 reps...overall everything is increasing at a good steady rate. here is the cycle that I am on so far

    Every Mon. and Thur.- Test-C 300mg/Tren-E 150mg
    Everyday- Winny 50mg
    EOD- Adex. .50mg

    Also taking liver detox everyday to be safe.

    Wanted to make sure that my PCT is up to par... here is what I had planned

    Nolvdex- 20/20/20/10/10
    Clomid- 40/40/20/20
    Aromasin- 12.5ed/12.5eod/12,5e3d/12,5e4d
    HCG- 500/500/500

    Is it to much? Just want to make sure post goes good

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    Bump.... nobody???

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    where is your dostinex or caber for tren?looks ok.but i would do hcg 10days 1000a day.

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    HCG is suppose to be taking during your cycle to stop your body from cutting off it's natural testosterone production (I'm sure one of the vets can correct me if I'm wrong.) Taking HCG for PCT is an old school method and has since been shown to produce minimum results.
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    nobody here takes hcg on cycle its a waste of money.will you be happy if your balls will be normal size?thats the only job hcg will do for ya on cycle.hcg is for stimulate your natural test you dont need natural while you on synthetic test.its a waste.

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    yeah, as zi1 has said, you definitely want to run cabergoline (aka dostinex) for on-cyle prolactin issues. Tren causes this, and nothing you're taking(i.e. adex) is combatting this.
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    Impressive gains on your bench!

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    just to clarify, hcg after the cycle but BEFORE pct is hhow its done- your finnishing on test C or E so after youtr last pin, wait 2 weeks then start shoting 1,000iu hcg every day for 10 days along with your choice of AI for pct, then the day after your last hcg shot start pct proper-

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    Btw. Hcg can be used during cycle but it elevates estrogen levels so keep it in mind.. I'd up the clomid dosage.. 300mg a week of Tren you could probably get away without a dopamine agonist GENERALLY. if you keep estrogen in check prolactin will follow suit..
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    I use hcg during cycle if the cycle is short. But if ther cycle is going to last months or longer then using it during cycle is not an option. so, you use it between last shot and right before pct.
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