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Thread: Planning second cycle

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    Default Planning second cycle

    Hey all, I'm planing out my second cycle now and was wondering what I should do. My first cycle was 500mg test e, split into two pins per week, and danabol for the first three weeks.

    I was very pleased with my results, no side effects at all, which lets me wonder if the test was underdosed. I went from about 185 to 205, all clean weight, but it seemed that most of it packed on in about the first six weeks. I ran twelve weeks, but the last half of my cycle I only put on about 5 more pounds. I did have good strength gains later in the cycle, but I just wasn't getting any mass.

    I am wondering if the smart thing to do would be just to run the test again an up the dosage to say, 750 a week, and do basically the same cycle, or would it be better to maybe do that and stack something else in there?

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    If you gained 20lbs, I'd say run the same cycle again and that your gear was legit. Maybe bump it to 600mg/wk. I'm guessing that your weight gain tailed off due more to diet than anything else. At 205lbs, I'd target at least 400g protein a day, 200g carbs and about 100g fat (~3300cal) when "on-cycle." If you don't gain on that, I'd bump the protein up to 450-500g and carbs up to 250g (~3800cal).
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