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Thread: Dbol+NPP+test E ( input plz )

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    Default Dbol+NPP+test E ( input plz )

    Hello guys , I'm starting a dbol test E an NPP cycle an I'm looking for a little help with tweaking my plans.
    Age 32
    Height 5/11
    Weight 205
    Bf my guess is 15%

    Wk 1-4/6 dbol 50mg ED
    Wk 3-14 NPP 100mg every 3 days
    Wk 1-12 Test E 300mg every 4th day


    Wk 15-18 clomid 100/50/50/25 ED
    Wk 15-18 nolva 40/30/20/10 EDW

    Wk 1-14 Arimidex .50mg EOD
    Wk 4-17 Dostinext .25 mg 2x per week

    Last cycle
    Was test E , deca, w/ kickstart of dbol which came with great gains
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    You need to add Dostinex or Caber...
    Adex should be taken E3D .25mg, everyday is way too much!
    Test E 500mg twice a week..

    Experts should jump on this thread soon

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    Drop the NPP at week 12, give it time to clear the system while you still have some Test in there. I hope the Adex is .5mgs NOt 50 MG
    Run some dostinext from around week 4 onwards at .5mgs twice per week, up till week 3 of PCT.
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    Yes it's .50mg let me change that

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    I would eitehr switch the test E or the NPP. If you stay with NPP I would go with test prop. If you stick with the test E I would switch to deca.
    Short esters with short esters, long with long.
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    Hmm never heard of dostinext till now. Seems like something I could have used last cycle. Since I read that to much of a high dose is bad on the heart. I'll add .25 mg twice per week an see how that works. Thanks guys

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    If I change to test P, keep dosage same?

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    Hey sorry if you put this in another thread but could we get some stats? If you didn't know what dost or caber is then there may be other things we could tweek if we knew more about you.

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    Stats were edited into post

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    OK thanks for posting haha. I was worried that you were younger. But get on that dost, especially if you value your sex life haha.

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