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Thread: Need Solution for Problem getting Winny out of vial - Drink it or Inject it question

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    Default Need Solution for Problem getting Winny out of vial - Drink it or Inject it question

    Bought some liquid winny a while back. Accidentally had stuck it in the refrigerator...that seemed to have changed the composition somewhat. It seems thicker like glue somewhat. It likes to stay in the vial against the sides of the glass.

    Question: any suggestions for getting it out? currently I'm having you use a syringe just so I can then squirt it in my mouth. very annoying.

    Question: inject vs. drink it -- any takers for injecting?

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    Dont put it in the fridge. It is water based yes? Shake it up before drawing. I would drink it rather than pin it.
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    Heat it with a hair dryer and see if you can get some of the crystallization off of the glass.
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    It takes quite a bit of heat to get winstrol crystals to melt. Try Buf's suggestion but if that does not work then vent the top with a needle and heat it in boiling water. Make sure it doesn't fall over.
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