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Thread: increasing winstrol doage

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    Default increasing winstrol doage

    hi fellas,

    I am on week 5 on my 8 week cycle of

    Week 1-8 Test prop 125 eod


    Week 3-6 Winstrol at 50 mg every day

    week 6-8 Winstrol 80 mg everyday

    My question is regarding weeks 6-8 for the winstrol. What do you guys think? is it a good idea to increase? and if so should i break up the 80 mgs in to 40 mg morning and 40 mg evening or what?

    thanks in advance guys

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    im not sure why you doing double winny in 8w cycle...anyway you can increase it as long as your head holds your hair

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    ops,and yes split dosage,drink some before workout for pump and veins mmm))

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    What Zi1 said is correct.
    The information given is for entertainment purposes only. I do not use steroids nor condone their use. I am not a trained health professional and therefore any answer given is strictly an intellectual exercise, not advice on how to use steroids.
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    thanks Z1 your advise was very helpful

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