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Thread: Blood Test Results On Cycle SCARED

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    Isn't Silymarin a type of Milk Thristle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floridagrowin View Post
    I have tried to stress the oral steroid use and high liver values over and over but most choose to ignore it because they have either run them before or had a friend who did and "felt fine." I'd bet you felt fine too but look at your blood work. Like Haz said, it doesn't lie. Just because you live through the experience doesn't make it ok in my book. I would say the orals were the root of most of these levels being out of range. You do need to understand that steroids in general can and usually do affect lipids and other values to some degree. It is common for cholesterol to get out of wack while on cycle but it should go back to normal in short order once off cycle. I encourage you to avoid any oral medications, alcohol and soda's for a while. I also encourage you to get plenty of omega 3 (flaxseed is good) and fiber as these will help get your cholesterol back to normal.

    As for protein. I know most here and on other boards will stress getting 2-2.5g of protein per pound of body weight. This is fine while on cycle as your body will use it more efficiently but that is way to much when off cycle. Too much protein is harsh on your kidneys and can eventually cause irreparable damage or failure. I know we need protein to build muscle and I know that more is better for that but there can be a health trade off for it. Kidney function is often overlooked when getting blood work done. I suggest if you are on a very high protein diet tell the doctor and ask him to do specific test for kidney function.
    That's just an amazing post right there. Seriously thank you all, my outlook on oral steroids has completely been changed. Popping 70-80mg of d-bol followed by var 80mg/day and then win 80mg/day sure as hell taught me a lesson that if you "feel" good it doesn't mean you actually are good. I never thought of the impact steroids could cause on my lipid profile when I started, however the way i plan my cycles has forever been changed. I just hope, as redscare said, redemption is possible !

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