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Thread: pinning question. knot on my glute and soooorrreee!!

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    Default pinning question. knot on my glute and soooorrreee!!

    My first pin. 1.5cc test e needle 1 inch 23 gage in the glute. I measured correctly. I have a knot and it sore. Did I do something wrong or is this common. Thanks

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    It's normal. Virgin muscle

    Is it swollen or hot to the touch?

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    Irs a little warm. Not swollen just a hard knot.Chance I didn't go deep enough with the 1inch needle?i

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    I did my some thousandth injection yesterday and my quad is sore today. It happens regardless of how experienced you are but more so for beginners. I use 1 inch needles for everything but I don't have a high body fat content. Unless you are much above 15% then 1 inch should be fine.
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    I pinned in my quad with eq and had no reaction whatsoever. Just worried me how it reacted differently in the glute

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