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Thread: Age of steroid use

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    Griffin Guest

    Default Age of steroid use

    I had been thinking about why we always say the age of 25 for steroid use?, whats the reasoning behind this? because you testosterone according to pubmed articles doesn't being to decline until the later 20's and sometimes early 30's. At what age, does a males frame stop growing? like shoulder width etc? because myself being 21 I am finding that I am just beginning to fill out naturally, and yes I am still working out but, most of this has to do with genetic potential. Or is the reasoning behind the age of 25 is that your body has matured fully and filled out to its potential? do steroids close the growth plates early?

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    Beacuse of everything you have stated in your questions.
    And the last question the answer is yse and one of the main reasons we say to wait until 25.
    The information given is for entertainment purposes only. I do not use steroids nor condone their use. I am not a trained health professional and therefore any answer given is strictly an intellectual exercise, not advice on how to use steroids.
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    Hazcat Guest


    It's the wanting it now that pushes guys to start early in life. Steroids aren't healthy but you'll see lots of posts about why don't the feds leave us alone we're just trying to be healthy. Waiting for your natural decline is the most prudent use of steroids. There are tons of techniques and nutritional tweaks that can be done to keep you busy while staying natural. I like they way you've taken some time and are educating yourself prior to taking the leap. I read for hours daily over a 2 year period before I started my first steroid use because my female doctor didn't want to prescribe even though my levels were low. It was a great day when I went to an endocrinologist and insurance started picking up the tab.

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    And im one of the other ones from the other side of the fence. I was an idiot in highschool and ran a test cyp cycle when i was 16 years old and put on like 15lbs and cracked a few more HRs in baseball that year....never h eard of PCT, never knew any side effects....just did it, cause the older kids were doing it.

    Did it screw my body up...not sure? It got me to start on varsity as a sophomore.....but then after i was done with it i lost all the weight and went right back to being scrawny.

    But i think now days we have sites like this to educate people to NOT make decisions like i did....Shit, if i woul dhave known how much a simple diet and the proper wrokout routine would have put weight on me in highschool, then i never would have done it. But i had coaches that used methods that are about as smart as sticking your dick in a toaster.

    Point is, wait until you naturally decline then make the choice. Ive been using them for years now, and im now hoping to not use them ever again. I would much rather be all natural. We'll see how it goes

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    wow.......what steroids can alter your growth when taken too early?

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    I think 25 is to young but if done right I guess it's ok. But most people can't even eat right so I highly doubt they will cycle and post cycle right.

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    Using gear before your growth plates have sealed can stunt your growth (epiphyses closure) so if you dont want to be a shortarse the rest of your life, then dont touch gear till you finish growing naturally
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    Griffin Guest


    Exaclty what I had thought.I hate seeing kids my age or younger just jump into a cycle or cycles just for what it does to thier appearance. Sure you will look great on the outside but whats ur insides like? not to say when done properly it will hurt you, but just the fact your sticking a foregin chemical horomone into your body and all you know is that if i eat a ton my muscles will grow huge. Whats the point? wouldnt you all want to know why it does what it does and how what you eat affects your growth, and that for most of us it can be done with simple diet tweeks? no work ethic anymore? is our young population that stupid and lazy now adays

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