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Thread: WILL I feel anything on

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    Default WILL I feel anything on

    Hey guys I have only been doing 250mg of Decca and 250mg of sust a wk for my cycle. I know theys are real low dose for a cycle I will be boosting it up 2 400mg Decca and 500mg sust. The question I want to know is I am nearly on week 6 and I'm not feeling anything apart from my joints feel good! Will I feel anything from such low dose or are my roids fake? Could it take longer then 6wks by any chance

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    At that low of dose you're not going to feel much more than what you mention. You should should have started at the dose you say you are going to boost up to. Are you taking an aromatase inhibitor to keep estrogen low and a product for prolactin?

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