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Thread: Arimidex use

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    Default Arimidex use

    I am in the second week of dbol use that also has test en in low doses. I am taking 20 mg dbol ED and 250 mg test en every week. My nipples have started going puffy and a friend of mine suggested me to use 0.5 arimidex every day.

    what would be your suggestions on this cycle and how can I improve it, if there is any scope of such?

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    if nipples getting puffy, use letrozole

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    dosage pls tlc?

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    I like your friends advice jayhal
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    Your test dose it low compared to a typical cycle. The puffiness in your nipples could be because of hormone fluctuation. I dont think it is because of high estrogen but that is just me. Also 0.5 mg adex ed is little high you are not going to gain much if you eliminate too much estrogen . As tealc suggested you may use letro if your nipples become sensitive to touch or have grown small lumps.

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