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Thread: My first cycle what is your toughts?

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    guys i will keep you update i got my in cycle results,my cycle is going exellent my liver back to normal its healed lol and my achilles tendon healed i have problem with my achilles tendon coz i used Levofloxacin before (long term) and i didnt use any ai but my estro on low side 2nd week's first day 15 and 3rd week's first day 9 ^^

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    What country you from man? Was that Swedish writing on your test paper?
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    I gained 8 pounds i didnt use proviron and aromasin coz my e2 on low side no water retention or acne my liver is better now it's about my diet I think I am eating 2800 kcal day I dont use whey btw my abs are better

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    hi guys here my in cycle last lab results..

    alt 26
    ast 23
    E2 9.3 (witout ai) after second T inj
    TT <15.00 ng/ml

    E2 14.3 7.63-42.6 (i took 18.75 mg aromasin before test coz some gyno symptoms)
    Prolactin 5.0 4.04-15.2
    Progesterone 1.49 <0.25-0.54

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