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Thread: Normal testosterone production

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    Default Normal testosterone production

    I recently ran a 10 week cycle of test e and tren ace (300 mg of each, per week) and even done a pct with nolvafor 6 weeks. however, i seeems to have lost all my strength and ability to workouts. feels lethargic at every single thing, sweats like hell.

    what should i do, would a hcg cycle good for me? or should i try something else? what, and in what doses?

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    you should run 10 days of HCG with arimidex and clomid

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    Your estrogens are sky high ,jump on hcg,clomid and aromasin

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    well hcg is gonna cause estrogen to jump but that isn't your problem here.

    first off nolva pct is dogshit. it will just make you feel like crap the way you are feeling.. the sides are awful.

    2nd you just ran 10 weeks of male hormones and then stopped. so of course you are gonna lose strength.. now the idea is to run a good pct and bridge and mantain your motivation and as much gains are you can keep.

    look into some NTBM supplements.. bridge, unleashed, phytoserms, etc etc.

    and tren for a first cycle is stupid for so many reasons I don't even have time to list them, its one of the worst AAS for keeping gains and if you do not know why then you failed to do enough research as to why. testosterone is also not the best for keeping gains either.

    primo and EQ are slow quality gains and much easier to keep. so is nandrolone but i don't recommend you touch that either

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