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Thread: Cut Vs. Bulk

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    Default Cut Vs. Bulk

    Which do you prefer?

    Me personally, I like to draw the line between the two. The cut look seems to be popular and i think that alot of guys go for that look strickly for the female attention which is one out of two reasons i dislike it. Bulking for me is just to unhealthy and i notice the difference cardiovascular wise which is why i avoid it. For me it's always lean bulk & although alot of people find that kind of oxymoron its the perfect balance for me. Aslong as i can see those abb lines while still growing i'm a happy man!

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    i like a blance of the two.. i want the bulk but i like to be cut up a little to show the details of the muscles..

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    lean bulk ...

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    I used to do the "bulk" thing for years but for the last 8-12 months I have been doing the same as Dleato and I have to say I will never go back to the traditional "bulk", its pointless unless your a powerlifter. Eat big, get "big" ie fat, then bust a gut losing bf to see where your at, then "bulk" some more, its a rollercoaster Gimme 10% or less bf anyday and I'm looking and feeling great, the chicks LOVE it, its healthy and its what weightlifting is all about, looking and feeling great.......for me anyway. I maxed out at 260 lbs years ago, felt like absolute crap, looked like the michellin man, but hell I looked damn big until I took my shirt off, then I looked bulky but fat..... never again
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    Depends on where youre at and where you want to be. i started out at 170 in march and fuckign went all out. Im 200 now after 1.5 cycles and after cutting, I;m going to start to go lean bulk.

    General rule of thumb for me is; big enough to get attention with the shirt on and cut enough to get it when its off

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    I'm glad to see alot of you do the same!

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    It depends on why I'm bulking. If I'm bulking for a PL comp then the type of weight gained is not a real issue. But when I get around 15%bf I don't like myself so I do try to keep it lean. I try to bulk by gradually increasing calories with mostlt lean meats. In other words instead of starting at 5000cals a day when I've only been taking in 2500 or so, the body is not ready to assimilate al those extra cals, so a lot of the bulk will be fat. But if you take a longer range perspective and instead of trying to gain 15-20lbs in 16 weeks, and you try to gain that same weight in 40 weeks the body grows used to the cals, the metabolism is supercharged to deal with them all, and the mass gained is lean.
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    lean bulk is the way to go, anything else is to stressful imo.
    Massive bulking cycles are outdated when we talk body building.
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    Lean bulk, only way to go.

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