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Thread: Need advice how to best cycle : Test Prop, Deca, winstrol

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    Quote Originally Posted by f18hornet View Post
    Johnnyboy! We have a few months off at the moment so I will be doing my own training, mainly at the gym.
    Good thinking though! Haha

    Bad juju! Thanks alot for your help!
    I like your idea of plan a!
    would it be of benefit if I run EQ with the test enth?
    Only if you can commit to a cycle 18 weeks long then 5 weeks of pct.

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    to be honest dude if this is your frist cycle you shoudl only be running test.. cause if you have a bad side effect .. wich steroid caused it???? that is why people start off with test for frist cycle then add a nother compound after for there 2nd cycle. Also do u do sports at a level were you get tested? cause if this is the case you dont want to be doing eq or deca cause they have a longer dectection time.. So wiht say that you woudl be better off goign with test p... cleaner gains ..little to no water.. and will be in and out of your system alot faster

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    I was keen on the prop + npp in which I felt was the best option for the results I am after, but cant find Amy npp unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by f18hornet View Post
    I was keen on the prop + npp in which I felt was the best option for the results I am after, but cant find Amy npp unfortunately.
    again if you are going to be tested dude stay with test p only.... cause npp can be found in your for around a year after your last inject

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    Ok cool, I agree. Test prop alone @ 150mg eod,
    Is adex necessary throughout the cycle?
    Since I wil be running prop alone, how long should I run it for?

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    I would run it for a minimum of 12 weeks, the longer the better. You could finish with Winny the last 4-5 weeks, no need to pin winny you can drink it works the same.
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    Oh Ok awesome, so would I be drinking 50mg/day? Do I split it 25mg x 2/day?

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    Hey f18, welcome to the forums... 50mg of winstrol are either injected (water based steroid) or taken as a pill I understand you're still a newbie to the roid world, no offence intended but you need to do more research and understand what you're getting yourself into

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    No offence taken, it is the way you say it, I am new, however I do have a good understanding of human physiology as its part of my health science degree."
    Its just confusing as people have different ideas, which is why I then joined this forum where I trust I could get the help I need from the respected experienced members.
    I guess we all have to start somewhere. Product availability is an issue t the moment which is why I keep asking about different cycles.

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    ^ as danno said don't inject the water based winstrol (stanozolol) drink it! Take some liver protection during your cycle especially the end and pct.
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