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Thread: Need info about cycle

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    Default Need info about cycle

    Hey everybody,
    I have seen different opinions and recommendations about what to use... and what else to use with it. Basically I want to do 1 cutting cycle and I have heard a lot of good things about winnie. I would do the tablets. What would you guys recommend? Should it really not be taken alone?
    My biggest concern is the possible side effects, I don't plan on over-doing it at all with this stuff but don't want to go bald or mess up my cholesterol. I know multiple people who have had serious problems in regards to their organs (Kidneys/Liver) becoming dangerously enlarged.
    Any advice and info is welcomed.
    Thanks in advance.

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    You will get different stuff from all the guys at the gym too, we call it bro science. However what works for me and what works for you will be different, while we might be on the same compounds you might get big at 500 but me at 1500...take it slow, take your time and play with it safely.

    Oral only cycles are hard on the body, the liver and kidneys get a smashing. We will always recomend 500mg test a week with an oral. Here is why....
    Test ramps up the body like a super charger, the body is then able to deal with the extra, food, sleep, training and of course punishment you put your liver and kidneys through.

    Winny will not help you cut honestly.
    Cutting is all about diet and cardio nothing more. Drugs will simply help you hold lean mass.

    There are very few side effects from orals, some you may see are acne, water bloat, discoloration of skin and nails (this is usually a liver issue)

    I am unsure what your talking about with enlarged organs, I have been on various volumes for 3 years straight now and no issues yet. I would say your people are within the abuse range. What is abuse you ask? what your body cant tolerate hehe, how do you know...when you get there.....

    My advice to you is to get your diet and cardio on track before touching any drugs.
    Do more research, talk to more guys at the gym and get a good feel for what your about to do.

    Oral only is a waste of time, you wont keep your gains when your done.

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    Thanks for all of the info & advice, much appreciated. So your saying to take test as well, but not as an oral either? I have a good diet and workout and have been getting a little more cut but seems like thats it. I have a mental thing where if I lose too much weight I gain it back because I don't want to lose all of the muscle I have worked so hard for over the years. So if the winnie could help with that aspect I think that would work then?

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    what dark is saying is that any cycle should be run with a test base. since this is your first cycle i would just do test alone. say enth or prop. with enth you would be doing 500 mg shot 2x a week. with prop you would have to pin every other day. prop would be better for lean gains but it depends on how you are with being able to pin yourself that much

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